Monday, August 27, 2007

I never noticed what a nice ass Optimus has

I've been following IDW's Transformers comics ever since they got the license in '05 and I think theirs is the best written take on TF comics ever. All of the main series tie into one cohesive whole and it's been a great ride so far. Well this week I think we get a double shot of good books coming out with Spotlight:Optimus Prime and Megatron Origin #3. The Spotlight series has been consistently great and Megatron Origin does for Megatron what I wished the Star Wars prequels would have done for Vader. They tell his story not from when he was a wussy baby but from when his life turned to crap and he snapped and got all evil. So this looks to be a pretty good Wednesday at the comic store.

Oh, and if you missed those Burger King movie toys, deal of the week is the whole set for 10 bucks from ABCtoys4me.


Heavyarms said...

Wow. That cover looks very...ummm...robo-erotic. Like its aimed at non-traditional male robots. Not that there's anything wrong wit dat.

Artoo Convoy said...

Wow. $4.95 for all those crappy BK TF toys. Man, I shoulda waited before injesting all that BK food a couple months ago.

So, does that mean Prime's a holla-back-bot?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I think that's a Don Figueroa cover. I don't know what he was thinking when he drew it but I like it.

Holy crap! When I wrote deal of the week the price was $9.99 for the set! They must have slashed it in half. I never bought any of them but I'm really not interested enough to bite.

Rob said...

What's funny is the $4.95 Burger King Transformers movie toys look better than the official Hasbro movie toys.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Dog turds in aluminum foil look better than the Hasbro movie toys.

Weasel said...

Um, that cover is really kinda ass, wouldn't you say? :ducks as everyone starts hurling empty beer bottles in her direction:

Wow. $4.95 for all those crappy BK TF toys. Man, I shoulda waited before injesting all that BK food a couple months ago.

Eh, BK food ain't that bad; I'm just glad that McDonald's didn't get the toys. I hate most of the crap McDonald's calls "food". (I still would've eaten it just to get my grabby little paws on a Bunblebee or tweleve. I am truly a sad example of humanity.)

It's a nice offer, but Prime and I have all the toys plus the signage (including the menu boards, one of which I will claim for myself) our local BK used, so I'll pass. Now if they start breaking up sets and selling individual Bumblebees, then I'll jump. :)


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