Monday, August 20, 2007

Great looking stuff everybody else knew about before me but that I didn't find out about until it came out on Playstation Store these past few weeks

The Playstation Store has been releasing short two minute episodes in a five part animated series for their upcoming game "Heavenly Sword". The cartoon reminds me a lot of The Maxx. It looks really great in HD. So far two episodes are out.

Part I

Part II

Then there's the trailer for some game called TimeShift. Holy crap that video is awesome. I remember one of the bad guys in SilverHawks could stop time. If he knew what he was doing he could have totally butt raped all the SilverHawks and crapped in their plane. But instead he was an idiot. Such a fantastic power was totally wasted on such a stupid character. Luckily this game does not take its inspiration from SilverHawks.

I have a weakness for Jet Li movies. This one called 'War' has that same guy from 'The One'. I would watch it even if they called it 'The Two'.

And finally there's this movie called WALL-E made by the guys who did Toy Story, Monster Story, Nemo's Story and all those other CGI 'story' movies for little kids that I haven't seen. But this one is interesting because it's a robot with a speech impediment and you know how I love that combination.

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