Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hard act to follow

When God asked him what he'd done with his life.
and when God asked him what he'd done with his time.
He said with answer that shook all of heaven,
"I was the voice of the mighty Optimus Prime."

So they let him in and God turned to me.
What'd you do to earn divine eternity?
I bought an assload of toy robots, I thought rather sullen.
Why'd I have to be after that bastard Peter Cullen?


Anonymous said...

I imagine something similar will happen to me upon my judgement day. With any luck, I'll get to be behind Scott McNeil or Charlie Adler.

Weasel said...

And I'll be right after Dan Gilvezan, natch. But I'm not too worried. Dan'll vouch for me. :)


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