Thursday, May 31, 2007


Over the last 24 hours that Flickr picture I did of an ATAT in Antarctica with a condom on his head has gotten a couple hundred hits and I'd like to know where they're coming from. So if you Star Wars fans could help a brother out and share with me the URL to whatever board or site is linking to me I'd appreciate it.

Speaking of Flickr, there's a super sexy exciting shot of me over at Aaron's Weekly Anime Review T-Shirt Gallery. The idea was if you get one of his podcast shirts and send him a picture of yourself wearing it he'd put it up at his Flickr. Other people in that gallery took nice enough pictures, but my picture screams SUPER HUGE COCKS.

Also, big shout out to whoever it was that registered me on the BlackCockLovers Message Board. You bastard I hope you freakin' die 10,000 horrible deaths. I guess this is karmic payback for all those times I would sign people up for the gay Transformers fans Yahoo message board after they'd leave their email open at the public library computers.


Anonymous said...

You've been linked to from

Anonymous said...

More specifically:

Weasel said...

Yep, you're on LOL Bots, dude. You're one step closer to taking over the planet.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey thanks. That site is so funny I forgot to LOL.


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