Thursday, April 26, 2007

Okay they look like car accidents but I'm cool with that

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I figure it was about time I made up my mind on whether or not the Transformer movie will be worth seeing on the first day. The last time I saw a movie on the first day was Star Wars Episode 3, which turned out to be a huge disaster because I went to a Turkish movie theater and saw it dubbed in Turkish. I was too embarrased to admit I was in the wrong place so I just sat there and had the movie visually spoiled for me while I was wondering what the hell everyone was saying. I read Lucas' films have a visual style that makes them easily understood by deaf people or something, but man I was really hurting that day. Fortunately I live near Rapid City, South Dakota now so my chances of accidentally seeing the Turkish dub of Transformers are infinitesimally small.

So I've read the prequel novel for the Transformer movie and I've read all the prequel comics out so far and I get the feeling like this is going to be Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but the aliens are robots that want to kill you, plus they turn into Camaros. And unfortunately the robots look like multiple vehicle car accidents. Now most people would think this is a formula for disaster but actually it is a recipe for the greatest movie ever next to Laserblast, which I saw when I was four and left me scarred for life with its awesome. So yes, my fellow citizens of Macrocrania, I will be watching the big scary robot movie on the first day.

P.S.: Turkish General Grievous sounds better than the english one.


naladahc said...

Holy crap!

Somebody else in this world has seen Laserblast!

It was the very film I remember seeing on beta!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I remember seeing it when it came out in '78 at the drive in. I was scared to death because at four years old I'd never seen aliens before. They were scary as all hell to me. My dad noticed this and told me they were dinosaurs and somehow from that point on I perceived them as such. I grew up believing they were stop motion Tyrannosauruses and that's how my mind remembered them.

Then about 20 years later when it came out on DVD I couldn't understand why the aliens looked like aliens. I could have sworn they were dinosaurs. It's weird how effectively my little boy mind developed that defense mechanism.

naladahc said...

Well their heads had a very "turtle-like" appearance.

I always thought they were very turtley.


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