Thursday, April 19, 2007

FROM reALity disconnected like a flying robot fist

There are probably no creations
more pointless, ugly and absurd
than toy robots
with shapes compromised
by the forms to which they're turned.

As I look upon countless shelves
it seems so plain to me
I've spent a life and lots
of money on this
rocket robot menagerie.

It started in the seventies
Fantastic rocket fist granduer.
My addiction to the laser beams.
I blame it on
those Shogun Warriors.

There are probably worse ways
to regret my childhood than
wishing I was a little
asian boy instead
playing with toy robots in japan.

So I say "There are worse hobbies"
and "robots are a lot of fun".
How crazy must I be that
"I could be hooked on crack"
is my only consolation.

There is no greater irony than
how lately I pass my time
Daydreaming about how I'll paint
my Dodge Dakota red
like Alternators Optimus Prime.

At thirty three I should just be
worried about which president to vote for.
But I don't give a crap.
I'll still keep writing in that
I'm voting for Prince Lotor.

There are way more meaningful pursuits
Like curing cancer and saving life.
But I'd be really impressed
if someone could engineer
A transforming robot knife.

So I salute you my fellow robo crazies
your robot playing hands have callouses.
You buy your Mazinger Z's
I'll buy Bandai Valkyries.
And we'll all build our Vintage Space Toaster Palaces.

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