Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playing Turbografx-16 and watching VHS tapes of M.A.S.K. may not be the intended use of a high def TV but I don't know what 1080p is anyways

So I bought a television that's not the greatest. It's a 42 inch plasma that came in dead last in Consumer Reports and it can't display 1080p. But this doesn't bother me because a) my left eye is blurry and I don't need 1080p because porn is better when the signal is crappy because it leaves more to the imagination and b)Consumer Reports is written by a bunch of elitist assholes who make me pay for access to their website separately from their magazine subscription although their crappy website is just their crappy magazine in electronic form. Thanks a lot Consumer Reports. Your product ratings were extra special stupid useless to me in making my decision to waste money on a thousand dollar television that I have no clue how to use now.

But I think I make these sort of underpowered, behind the times consumer electronics decisions because I couldn't cope with owning the best. I just know that if I bought the 50 inch TV that was 500 dollars more and could do 1080p then I would be asking myself-Is this all that there is? Is this the height of digital home entertainment technology? I would ask probably because no matter how good the TV is, Keith Courage in Alpha Zones is still a pretty crappy game. So I saved some money by considering what I would be doing with this high definition stuff and I lowered my standards accordingly. Because my dad will probably get something better soon anyways but I'll have my son totally beat for at least 20 years.

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