Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I never really understood why people wept when movie stars or royalty died. I get it now. Herb Trimpe was my Clint Eastwood of comics and my King Richard of robots. I loved him and his work so much that Colin and I dedicated entire episodes of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse to our disappointment at not being able to see him after last minute cancellations at conventions. And when the stars aligned and I finally did get to meet him, it was glorious.

He was at East Coast Comic Con this past weekend so I made sure to stop by his table and finally get my Robotix #1 signed. I planned on buying a sketch and getting a picture with him but his Saturday commissions list was full. I asked him if he'd be back Sunday and he said yes so I figured I'd get that drawing and picture then. He never showed up Sunday and I guess I figured it wasn't a big deal and we'd meet again somewhere down the road.

Well I won't be getting that chance now but I will cherish forever that conversation we had in episode 73 about why Transformers weren't all that great and why Shogun Warriors were. And of course spending most of our time talking not about robot comic books but about being Air Force Weather observers during two entirely different eras. Thank you so much for keeping such a rigorous convention schedule and giving so many people the chance to meet you, but most of all, goodbye, Mr. Trimpe. Wherever you are I know those kaiju have gotta be running scared from your rocket punches!


Unknown said...

I never thought I'd be so blue about an artist's passing, and yet here I am.

The week is a little bit greyer without Mr. Trimpe.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, isn't it crazy, Colin? We weren't even related to the guy and yet it still really gets us down. Crazy.

It's almost like a big part of the era is gone. I know a big part of my motivation for going to cons is gone now. Although his work lives on I still feel this void, like life is a little less fun without knowing he's around to say hi to at shows.


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