Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bots to be Thankful For

October 12th was the Saturday of New York Comic Con 2013! Well, not for me. Instead of going to NYCC all I did was dwell on how I was stuck in a beachy vacation paradise while I cracked open the 65th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse. Yet somehow I was able to drown my sorrows with a weekend of fun doing south Florida style convention stuff at UltraCon 2013 . Trust me, it was really hard trying to be happy while surrounding myself with young half naked women in tiny costumes made of salad. Despite the fantastic comic book based boobery I was enjoying, my mind continued to wander off to the northern side of the east coast where Robo Force was being relaunched at New York Comic Con! What do the new Robo Forcers look like? What insanely rare and incredibly low priced Transformers artifacts did I find at the convention I went to? And why has it taken me 65 episodes to finally do a listener appreciation show? Find out all that and more in this ALL I NEED TO BE HAPPY IS FOUR LISTENERS AND A BOTTLE OF RANCH DRESSING edition of the podcastalypse!

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First of all I want to thank tremendously John of Toyfinity.com who sent me this picture of the new Robo Force toys slated to be released later this year. He had a table at NYCC where he debuted the figures and even put some orange Maxx Zeroes out. Keep checking TheRoboForce.com for more news on this most robotastic of 80s toyline rebirths.


I loaded up the van with some 80s Hasbro Toy Fair catalogs and my giant cardboard SDF-1 and took it all to UltraCon! The idea was that I'd meet up with some guys that are in this south Florida collector club I'm a part of and we'd all take pictures with the Macross and look through the books and be happy and boy was I wrong. That didn't happen but it is kind of fun listening to me trying to complain about it all even though I was pretty happy with how everything else went. I guess the point of the story is don't assume everyone is going to be ready when your giant superdimensional space fortress crashes the party.


It's always fun seeing what UltraCon convention organizer Irving Santiago literally brings to the table. His display of thousands of action figures for sale from the 80s through today was overwhelming as usual. Of course I gravitated towards the Transformers and GoBots he brought. It was fun seeing a bunch of Dinobots hung up in plastic boxes like slabs of beef at a slaughterhouse. It reminded me of my idea that Jurassic Park should have been a restaurant that served dinosaurs to eat and not a theme park that raised them just to look at.


Speaking of eating the robots, one table at UltraCon had this crazy setup where all the Transformers were in to-go boxes like you'd get at a restaurant! The big jumble of parts that was Computron sort of looked like Thanksgiving Day leftovers as he lay in his big foil turkey dish.


So I'm at the buffet and everything seems a bit high priced, but then I spy a sandwich bag with some decoys. But not just any decoys, a couple of red Decepticon decoys! You may recognize the red US released Decepticons as the most sought after of the decoy variants. I knew this but not really being up on the decoy secondary market I kind of shrugged when the guy said he wanted ten bucks each for them. After doing a two-for-fifteen on the red Scavenger and Megatron I still kind of felt like I paid too much. But when I checked how much a red Megatron went for recently on eBay I was floored. It looks like the $7.50 I spent on him wasn't too bad after all!

I doubt that same sort of magic will happen for me, especially since only one guy bid on the thing. It may be that the only guy in the world who was willing to go that high was the guy who found that auction. But I wouldn't mind putting the ones I got at the show up to see if a little rubber Megatron I bought for $7.50 can finance my purchase of a $90 Masterpiece G2 Side Swipe.


And now I would like to thank a few listeners whose recent communications with me have led to my acquisition of wonderful knowledge or just cool stuff. First off a big thanks to Jared Cronin for giving me the heads up on a super affordable set of Decepticon Color Me Stickers. I complained in an earlier episode about missing out on these and explained in my review of the Soundwave pages of the 1984 Hasbro Toy Fair catalog why I was so intensely interested in them. They're actually based on the line art that was used in '84 Transformers newspaper ads (which was in turn derived from the '84 Toy Fair catalog pages as you can see below). So if you're a line art nut then they're cool to have. And if you're not a line art nut, then they're still kind of cool to have in an obscure artifact kind of way. Either way I wanted to publicly thank Jared for giving me the heads up on these.

Thanks, Irving Santiago!


I also wanted to do a shout out to Aaron Schnuth of Scnuth.com, who used to do the Weekly Anime Review Podcast. WARP was definitely an early inspiration to me and it's funny to think that he's listened to an episode or two of mine.

Last but not least I wanted to thank the anonymous commenter who pointed out to me this Houston Chronicle slideshow of pictures featuring a giant 3 1/2 foot Leader-1 in jet mode. We believe it may be the same figure I posted a robot mode picture of but couldn't identify. All I knew is that a giant GoBot existed thanks to newspaper reports of the Robert Malone GoBot publicity tour in 1984, but I never found a picture of it. So this Houston Chronicle picture is like the linchpin that ties it all together. It's extremely rare evidence of an even rarer artifact that I've not seen documented anywhere else.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


The breaking of the 63rd seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the rumbling, clanky crashing sound of giant robot zombies with laser breath chasing you in your beat up old Dodge on your way to PALMCON 2013! Yes it's a RE PALM-ERATION CONCASTALYPSE as the Nostrodomatron travels to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the third Palm Con to talk to illustrator José Delbo about his recent return to Transformers comics in last week's Regeneration One #0! Listen in bonus horror as I'm joined on the con floor by Orlandonian puppeteer Jack Fields and we encounter cyborg dolphins, GoBots that are not Transformers, Jawas, Transformers that are GoBots, and even a Dianoga or two. Plus I even get to talk to long time super toy collector Irving Santiago about collecting toys back when collecting toys wasn't cool! How much did I pay for a couple of carded G2 Go-Bots on the floor of Palm Con? How much did Irving Santiago pay for a ton of G1 jets on clearance in the 80s? How excited was José Delbo to return to Transformers? What kind of people knowingly jump into a trash compactor? Find out all that and more in this NOT TOO SHORT FOR A PALM 3 edition of the podcastalypse!

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Action figure everything collector extraordinare Irving Santiago!

He drew Transformers when I was a teenage robot comics fan-José Delbo!

You could have all sorts of fun with your palms here!

Jack enjoying the dolphins, dianogas, and dangerous dart robots.

Irving's selection of Hasbronians and GoBotronians was like a mini Smithsonian.

I have been promoted to the rank of Best Delbo Fan ever and here is my certificate.

Chewie didn't get a girlfriend, either. I got the GoBots for $3.50 each.

PalmCon featured one stop shopping for all your being dead needs.

    Coming soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Special guest Jack Fields and I fire up the GoBackatron 1977thousand for a look back at the first year of Micronauts! This one's about Elvis, it's about the Bee Gees, it's about the Star Wars, but mostly it's about Darth Vader centaurs with laser beam eyes. Proper show notes later but for now all you need to know is that Jack's film Happy Memories is screening at PalmCon this weekend!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We are all a bunch of toy people (and other reasons the Annunaki like to mess with us)

Like a long dreaded visit from the sun's evil twin Nibiru, the 61st episode of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse is finally upon us! Marvel at the hidden knowledges I uncover as I report from the floor of Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013 in search of interviews with toy robot collecting illuminati Ed Sanford of Robot-Japan.com and legendary artist/illustrator Pat Broderick. Revelations abound as I get to hear which one of them is creating an ancient alien comic on the origins of mankind and which one of them is doing an ancient toy robots party in Florida. I also get to hear one dollar GoBots cause a mass extinction of money from my wallet. Plus I finally get to do a segment called "Things I Always Wanted to ask Pat Broderick". Listen to me seize this rare opportunity by asking the classic Marvel Micronaut artist trivial stuff like what is the correct pronunciation of "Commander Rann" and forgetting to ask him important stuff like who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Baron Karza. When is the next Robot-Japan Summit? What did Pat Broderick think about the Annunaki-ish engineers in Prometheus? How much can one man learn about life, the place of mankind in the universe, and the current secondary market value of loose GoBots in Tampa Bay? Find out all that and more in this PARADISE MAY HAVE ALL THE GOLD BUT I'LL BE DOWN HERE WITH ALL THE ROBOTS edition of the podcastalypse!

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I finally got to talk Micronauts (and Annunaki) with Pat Broderick!

TBCC'13 had lots and lots of robots. New ones, old ones, and even some Ro-Guns.

Alen Yen's Mach-5 and Ed's rare yellow Gatchaman G1 at Robot-Japan's booth

Big Red Head Collectible's impressive display I mentioned at the end of the show



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