Sunday, September 21, 2014

All the Familiar Voices!

AND ONE DAY THERE SHALL COME A REUNION (and I don't mean the Brute Force one, although technically I guess that applies, too)! But anyway, the sound of the breaking of the 72nd seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the announcement of a London comic book convention with a guest lineup so tremendous, so titanic, Robotastic, that I had to call upon Yoshi of the TransMissions podcast to talk about it! Yes the London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014 is less than a month away and like a vast predatory bird there will descend the legendary titans of G1 Marvel Transformer comic book creation Bob Budiansky, Simon Furman, José Delbo, and Andrew Wildman! So to celebrate this epic occasion Yoshi and I call upon the magic of old bootleg panel recordings to discuss the last time Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, and Bob Budiansky were at a convention together over ten years ago. Plus through the magic of very new and not at all bootleg recordings, I get to talk to José Delbo about going to the big London show! What audience questions should you definitely ask if you go to the Transformers panel in London? What audience questions should you definitely NOT ask if you go to the Transformers panel in London? And what comic book in its right mind would do a Brute Force reunion? Find out all this and more, much more in this HERE HAVE SOME WILDBUDFURBO, COURTESY OF MY PODCASTALYPSE edition of the podcastalypse!

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You can read a transcript I did of the OTFCC panel and hear the complete original recording of it here at this post: The OTFCC 2004 G1 Comic Creators Panel

The original Brute Force #1 and the more current Deadpool Bi-Annual #1

Mr. Delbo at Tama Bay Comic Con 2014 and Mr. Furman & Mr. Budiansky at OTFCC 2004


The Starscream we deserved. From Transformers #68

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The OTFCC 2004 G1 Comic Creators Panel

This is the entire bootleg recording (and a transcript I wrote) from the G1 Comic Creators Panel at the Official Transformers Collectors Convention 2004. Please keep in mind this is an unofficial fan made transcript and as such it is subject to errors or inaccuracies. I have edited out verbal pauses, redundancies in speech, and other things for sake of easier reading. I may have misspelled some words or omitted whole sentences by accident. In short, if it's wrong it's my fault. If there were specific areas I was especially unsure about, I wrote what I thought I heard, I asterisked them, and put footnotes at the end about why I was unsure of what I wrote. Thanks to everyone at Alt.Toys.Transformers who contributed corrections and clarifications when I first posted it there, and to the guests and staff of OTFCC 2004, wherever you are. I start as the announcer has already begun with the introductions.

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Announcer: [already talking] already know them-Bob Budiansky, writer extraordinaire [audience applauds] we have Andrew Wildman, artist extraordinaire and of course, Simon Furman, writer extraordinaire [audience applauds]. Being that this is my first panel that I've ever done, I'll just throw it over to you and let you guys ask some questions and have some fun for the next, oh, hour.

Bob Budiansky: Actually we've decided to choreograph it a little bit here.

Announcer: I'll just leave the experts to it!

Bob Budiansky: All right. We didn't choreograph it that much.

Announceer: No problem!

Bob Budiansky: Simon suggested that since this is my very first Transformers convention and you've already heard him talk ad infinitum-he's already told you all his stories-that I should give a little introduction to the very very beginnings of Transformers as far as the publishing world. So basically what happened, assuming you're interested here..

Friday, August 08, 2014

How to fail at robots without really crying

If a man tries to do a Transformer panel at a convention but there is no audience to see it, does he make a sound? Oh you bet your Confucious he does and that sound is the breaking of the 71st seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse! Join me in glorious despair as I play recordings from my hellacious experience during an absolute train wreck of a con where nothing went right and I regressed into some strange adult version of my ten year old self crying about the ending of Fire in the Sky. It's a podcastalyptic convention catastrophe extravaganza as great unknown mysteries of roboplasticology are answered at the cost of great embarrassment and humiliation to your friendly neighborhood Nostrodomatron. Yet if there's one thing I know it's that with great embarrassment and humiliation comes great entertainment value. Because the beauty of MP3 technology is that if I can't have fun at a convention, you bet I'll share all the not fun with you. Hey which toy robot magazine article from 1984 changed my life? Did Mike Zeck pencil the cover to Transformers #3? Is it better to have paneled badly than never to have paneled at all? And what am I supposed to do with all this suck? Get answers to that and more in this HOW TO NOT HAVE FUN WHEN NOBODY'S LOOKING edition of the podcastalypse!

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F.I.S.H.B.O.T. of the episode-Penny Power October 1984

And just so I don't come across as a completely ungrateful crybaby, I would like to say that seeing Pat Broderick and Pablo Marcos at Ultracon was awesome.

Mr. Marcos signed the Kid Stuff books he co-illustrated with his daughter Judith.

I finally got to ask Mike Zeck if he penciled the cover to the old Marvel Transformers #3 at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2014. Let's just say it was a good thing I brought copies of ToyFare #74 for him to sign, too.

R2-D2 @ TBCC 14

Here's what I meant about the Megatron models being different on the covers to TF #2 and 3. The heads and cannons are different so I doubt Mike Golden did #3.

Navarro Pharmacy 25 November 1984


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Price of Prime!

The breaking of the 70th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is a virtual convention panel catastrophe that you can enjoy! Yes here is the entire slideshow I created for a panel presentation that set out to answer the most often asked of vintage Transformer pricing questions-So how much did Optimus Prime cost in 1984 anyway? Listen in terror and follow along with the slides as I go over a greatest hits of the Vintage Space Toaster Palace Transformers 1984 edition in search of the answers to unknowable toy robot truths found buried in microfilm rolls of 30 year old grocery store newspaper ads previously only gazed upon by little old ladies and vagrants and vagabonds bored to death at a public library near you. Why were newspaper ads better than department store catalogs? Were there more retail stores today or 30 years ago? And which Transformer was more than meets your mouth? Find out all that and more in this THE NEXT BEST THING TO BUYING THERE edition of the podcastalypse!

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------------WE HAVE A WINNER!------------

I want to thank my fellow Macrocranian Juan T. for taking the time to listen all the way through and claim the Pablo Marcos signed copy of "Satellite of Doom"


Well the first ever Roboplastic Panelocalypse went exactly as I figured it would. I signed up to do a panel at a local convention and I asked to be scheduled for Sunday morning and I requested a projector. I ended up getting scheduled for late Saturday night and got no projector. Apparently my topic was so insanely boring that even the equipment did not want to come to my panel. Well I was okay with the schedule change to a time when everybody was going home because who needs an audience really, but the lack of equipment preparedness on the part of the organizers is what did me in. So with no people in the audience and no projector to do my presentation I just said screw it and I left. But there was no way I was going to let all those late nights I stayed up working on those 40 powerpoint slides of toy robots grocery store ad hell go to waste. So here in all its glory is the presentation that I would have bored you to death with had you been in attendance in convenient podcastalypse form so that you can bore yourself to death with it at your own leisure. You can either follow along using the built in slideshow function by clicking on the first slide below, or you can get all these slides as a powerpoint presentation.

It's just like not being there!

Slide 1
Slide 2-Sears Christmas 1985
Slide 3-80s retail stores

Slide 4-80s toy stores
Slide 5-Fiesta 10/20/84
Slide 6 also in Episode 38

Slide 7-Zayre 04/29/84
also in Episode 50

Slide 8-SuperRx 10/03/84
Slide 9 also in this post

Slide 10-line art based stickers
Slide 11-Sears 11/18/84
Slide 12 also in Episode 34

Slide 13-GeeBee 11/23/85
Slide 14-Clark Drug 11/21/85
Slide 15-Hasbro Toy Fair '84
and also at this post

Slide 16-comparison
Slide 17-Hasbro Toy Fair '85
Slide 18-Venture 12/09/84

Slide 19 also in Episode 37
Slide 20-KMart 11/10/85
Slide 21-Zayre 11/25/84

Slide 22-Richway 11/25/84
Slide 23 also in Episode 32
Slide 24-Target 12/22/85
and also at this post

Slide 25-Target 7/28/85
and 12nUnder 12/12/85

Slide 26-BEST 12/14/86
Slide 27-$15 Jetfire

Slide 28-BEST 12/19/85
Slide 29-Lionel Playworld 12/10/86
Slide 30-$6.91 Dinobots

Slide 31-Safeway 10/23/85
and also at this post

Slide 32-Don's Toys & Hobbies 07/04/85
Slide 33-Meet an Insecticon

Slide 34-Toys Plus 10/24(?)/85
courtesy of Dr. Geektarded!

Slide 35-Universal Studios 02/17/85 and 3/31/85
and also at this post

Slide 36-Universal Studios 06/30/85

Slide 37-Toys R Us 12/25/92
courtesy John Spangler

Slide 38-Mr. Ed's 08/24/86
Slide 39- Pence Foods 01/14/86

Slide 40-Pepsi 12/15/85
also at this post

I planned to give away a signed copy of Satellite of Doom to my panel audience but since they didn't show up I gave it away to the first person to make it all the way through this episode!

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