Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where in the World is Herb-en Trimp-iego?

The rumbling and crumbling of the 55th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the sound of over 30,000 convention goers in Ottawa stampeding the Ernst & Young convention center for Ottawa ComicCon 2013! And among those in attendance was our robotastic correspondent Colin of, looking for a chance to meet his favorite stars of sci-fi movies and television shows (many of which may or may not have been Daleks). Thrill to Colin's adventures as he tries to track down scheduled guest Herb Trimpe, the legendary artist of the classic giant robot comics Shogun Warriors, Transformers, and Robotix! Regular listeners may recall Colin and I have a pretty impressive streak of not meeting Herb Trimpe, due to past cancellations at conventions he's been scheduled to appear at (but that we went to anyways). So like the ACME Detective agency, we've pursued him all across North America, hoping the chances that Colin would score an interview at Ottawa Comic Con 2013 were pretty good! Did Colin get to interview the elusive and enigmatic Mr. Trimpe? Or will this be the only Herb Trimpe interview show with absolutely no Herb Trimpe? Find out in this CARMEN SANDIEGO'S GOT NOTHING ON THIS GUY edition of the podcastalypse!

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