Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two modes at once wasn't exactly what we were going for

Okay so we've got Super GoBot CyKill, vehicle Voltron and Bumblelion the Wuzzle in this Spencer ad from September 15, 1985. It's kind of a strange combination but weigh what they all have in common versus what makes them different. It's actually pretty deep. I wonder if Spencer was purposely choosing toys that were in their theme of being alternative and underground. If you think about it, Vehicle Voltron wasn't as popular as Lion Voltron, GoBots were running a close second in popularity to Transformers and throwing a Wuzzle in there just makes me think this was Spencer's way of making some complicated metaphor about counterculture dualism and what it means to be two things in one. Or maybe the artist just thought this would be a great setup to a "3 guys walk into a bar" joke.

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