Thursday, January 08, 2009

A STREET NAMED AFTER DESIREDCARS OR: All roads in El Paso lead to my youth (and not just the ones named like 1985 minibots)

My hometown of El Paso, Texas has always been the yellow sun that bestows upon me super roboplastical nerdity powers. No matter how mature or burnt out or "over it" I think I am, visiting all the old buildings where I bought comic books or roboplasticos is enough to get me horny for toy robots again. During these last three weeks I've been developing all sorts of fantastic ideas like an old toy robots themed podcast and a relaxation technique that incoporates lion Voltron based meditation.*

I've also found that El Paso music stores are blog kryptonite and I've been fingering the Lion-O a bit more than I expected thanks to the ready availability of a plethora of My Chemical Romance CDs. But oh well. I might have a lot of regrets before I die, but "I never blogged enough" is not going to be one of them.

*Imagine you are lion Voltron, floating in space and slowly seperating into your lion parts. Envision your consciousness is black lion and Voltron's arms and legs are your worries and problems, disconnecting from you and drifting away. (Note that lion Voltron relaxation technique only works if you have four or less problems. For people with up to a dozen problems I recommend visualizing vehicle Voltron. But really, if you have a dozen things driving you completely insane you should get psychiatric help or just do as toy robots fans do and call it a collection.)


Heavyarms said...

Crap, you just reminded me that I need to buy that MP plastic Voltron.

Rob said...

Imagine if they were named after Gobots instead? Leader-1 Lane...Turbo Terrace...Dumper Drive.


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