Saturday, December 13, 2008

TOY ROBTOS vs H-TOWN:the battle continues

Vintage Space Toast Tour Houston 2008 has managed to turn another (supposed to be) vacation into a two week long hellish chaotic vortex brawl swindle onlaught blast off of anxiety, obsession, bouts with depression, bouts with old newspapers, snow in Texas, laser beams and repeated trips to the library. It ends in spectacular fashion today as my in-laws attempt to take care of my son for a couple of hours and I head off one last time to the main library downtown all by myself. Combaticons! The combination of myself and the Prince of Macrocrania was not enough to fell the mighty Jesse H. Jones Building. I think at one point he lost a whole graham cracker in the microfilm machine but I couldn't find it. Despite all of the madness and with the help of God, baby God, Baby Jesus and Santa Claus I have managed to get some pretty great new* toy robots ads for the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. (And by "God" I mean "GoDaikin robots".) After Houston we pack up Optimus Lime and Stroller and drive to my hometown of El Paso. I don't expect there'll be any more ads looking for the Space Palace Vintage Toasters but you know what they say-the road to Texas is paved with Autobot ads.

*twenty year old

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