Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time for snowmen and tacos and ads from the golden age of robos OR: Vintage Space Toast Tour ALASKAPASO!

Sometimes things just work out in a funny way and this month is one of those times. Starting next week the family and I will be off visiting relatives pretty much all month long, traveling high and low and up and down. Consequently I won't be doing any bloggering until I get back after the fourth of July. Everyone else usually stops posting in their blogs for months on end without explanation but I'm so self absorbed that I feel I owe an explanation for my absence to all the people who come weekly to PSMR looking for commentary on everything from collecto-monofranchise-tosis to having sex with cars. Or as I like to say, "Hiatus? I barely even knew us!"

Visiting relatives is actually a cover story because everybody knows the real reason I travel is to get more old newspaper ads for the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. I'm kinda wondering how successful I'll be on the first of our two trips this month because we're visiting family in Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage may be a decent sized city now, but I'm doubting it had much toy robots action back in the '80s. I guess I'll find out once I get to the library there and crack open the microfilms. I'm wondering if they even had newspapers back in '84 or if they just wrote the news on the shaved bellies of their sled dogs in baby seal blood and let them run from igloo to igloo.

One place I do know had newspapers is the town where I grew up! For the first time since I started my little web pages with old toy robots ads I am finally going back to the place where I first learned the ways of the force! I can't believe that after all these years I've never actually spent time collecting old microfilm newspaper ads in the library of my hometown, the city I grew up in when the toy robots wars of the 1980s raged and raged. After Anchorage the next stop on Vintage Space Toast Tour 2008 is El Paso, Texas! That is bound to be the most awesome VSTP update ever if I don't die of a robo-nostalgi-mania induced heart attack right there in the bowels of the El Paso library with my hand clutching the feed reel of the microfilm machine while a static image of a Robotroid ad from 1983 flickers on the screen. I can think of worse ways to die.

See you in July!

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Weasel said...

Have fun dude! I'll find a way to amuse myself somehow.


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