Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This post combines the fantasy of outer space with the creativity of interlocking building modules and the fun of cucaracha eggs

It takes a lot of balls to set up a little table in the middle of Disneyland where you try to sell people bootleg video CDs of that Wall-E movie, but that's pretty much what Takara was trying to do back in the 80s with their Robotroid toyline. They tried to out-Lego the Lego people and of course it failed but what an awesome try. Don't call them Lego blocks! When Takara makes them they're "interlocking building modules". Over the weekend I added a couple new Robotroid pictures to the FlickrMacrocrania Takara Cultural Blocks System Bloccar set, including pictures of the robot modes which is what it's all about.

This FlickrMacrocrania update came about because I won some Robotroids on ebay a couple weeks back. I knew from the auction description that the boxes were pretty beat up but boy was I unprepared for what I found when I opened them up. One of them had parts of a dead bug that looked to me like a cucaracha! Plus I thought there were cucaracha eggs in there, too. Holy crap I've heard of eBay sellers packing little extra surprises in with the items when they send them to you but I never expected a bonus cockroach infestation. I definitely have to readjust the scale of the F'n-A shitty toys grading service after this.


Rob said...

Did you keep the box, eggs and all, or did you throw it in the recycling bin?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I had to throw it away. It was too disgusting. My wife looked at it and said those weren't cucaracha eggs but I was too grossed out. I wasn't too grossed out to take a couple of pictures of it first, though. I had to document what the box looked like.

I am slightly weirded out that my wife knows what cucaracha eggs look like. I threw it in the regular trash because they don't have a cucaracha recycling program here in South Dakota.

Weasel said...

I think I would have run from the room, screaming like a girl.

I effin' hate bugs. Dead or otherwise.

agentmorris said...

EKM: Had you already left feedback for the seller when you discovered the buggy evidence?

If you did, you should've left some feedback comment for the seller like "Thanks for the bonus insect eggs! A+++!! Love it!" And made no mention about the 'troids.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I really honestly thought about leaving some sort of snarky comment feedback but in this instance I wanted these so bad and was so happy just to have them in any shape that I would have forgiven most anything short of the seller taking a dump in the boxes. And even then I think I'd only leave a neutral.


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