Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please Talk to Me Robots

I was looking through some old blogs and personal websites and I kind of wish I had been around back then when these people were active. I wish I would have been able to interact with them because they were cool or funny or we had something in common. People like Alex Mobley whose "Adventures in Retail" had me laughing for hours. Now their old internet stomping grounds are long abandoned ghost towns and I'm left reading the electronically archived legacy of interesting internet phantoms. I wish I could find out what happened to these guys or if they kept on blogging or writing in a different place. It's weird because I feel like these people I never met decided to break up with me by not writing anymore.

Then there's a different kind of dissapointment where people who I wish would blog don't have a blog. Like this guy who wrote:

"Botcon is like everything that is wrong with Hasbro's "Repaint it and Rehash it" department, squeezed and distilled to its fundamental essence, then befouled with the self-congratulatory ejaculate of TF ebay scal...sellers and the tears of Seeker completionists. Botcon Exclusives are like a tincture of everything that's wrong with this hobby."

You don't have to know what a "Botcon" or a "seeker completionist" is to realize that this is friggin' poetry. I am so inspired I want to integrate "self-congratulatory ejaculate" into my daily conversation from now on. Does this guy have a blog? Nope. If he did, even if it wasn't about toy robots and no matter what it was about, I would read it. I wish the Kingdom of Macrocrania extended beyond my skull so I could impose mandatory blogging on people I find interesting.

It's probably best to be grateful for the "internet active" people right now who I like. If I did a quote-of-the-month type thing, this month's would be the 20 minutes of The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 93 beginning at the 93 minute mark. If you fast forward 93 minutes in, hosts Greg and Rob talk about Transformers LARPing, The Incredible Change-Bots, and the many different possible interpretations of the phrase "Please Save Me Robots". It's funny stuff and I'm not just saying that because they're talking about me. Later in the show, Greg and Rob also name Michael Bay their "Lame Idiot of 2007 Award" winner. It is as if we are kindred spirits, soulmates, Transformers with the same transform. Except that they don't like Iron Maiden so I guess it's more like our spirits are only more or less kindred, we're soulmates with only a few things in common and even if we transformed the same, I'm like the Transformer that got released a little later on in funny colors.


Rob said...

As always, thanks for the kind words. Your blog entries and comments almost always make me laugh out loud, at which point I have to explain to my coworker what I'm laughing about.

I feel the same way about being kindred spirits, too. I assume if we lived near each other, we'd be real life friends and hang out. I'd show you my old F'n-A 30 Transformers and you'd show me your sealed F'n-A 90 Transformers and then we'd watch The Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD and make fun of the special fan commentary.

Anonymous said...

I like what that guy said about BotCon. Which drives home the point that I'm trying to find someone to pick up this year's BotCon Evil Jazz toy for me. Damn it.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Getting any of them cheap really shouldn't be a problem seeing how the buzz on this year's Botcon set is that there is absolutely no buzz on this year's set.

Anonymous said...

No buzz? I saw a huge thread at TFW2005 on it, but that's the only TF news site I visit these days.


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