Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Holy crap I forgot about Botcon

Screw doing a text report. Convention writeups are old and busted. Who wants to read 3,000 words about how I ate A&W fast food with John Spangler Friday night or how I asked Peter Cullen if his kids sound like him? Nobody, that's who. So in lieu of a traditional text Botcon report I figured I'd show a ton of pictures and some video instead.

I finished my Botcon Flickr:

Or if that's too long and it gets clipped, use this:

...and I also uploaded a handful of videos to YouTube. Here are the links and text descriptions as they appear there.


Walking into the dealers room at Botcon 2006 02:01
This video was taken Friday, September 29th when the doors to the dealer room were opened to all Botcon 2006 pre-registrants for the first time. The band screws up the song but I guess I'm a nerd for noticing. Speaking of not paying attention, I didn't notice at first that are cameos by Aaron Archer, Simon Furman and Don Figueroa.


Kingbotz Devastator at Botcon 2006 00:32

Holy crap was I impressed with this five foot tall Devastator made out of Tonka trucks. What was especially impressive to me was how Mixmaster's drum rotated.


Trailbreaker going once... 00:53
Jon and Karl auction off a rare Trailbreaker package variant at Botcon 2006. Over the PA system you can hear the announcement of who won the 'Optimus Prime toy with your head' raffle. YouTube kind of cuts off the name at the end, but the last name was Greer and he was from Lexington, Kentucky.

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