Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The ghost of a robot nerd

I was taking pictures of myself in front of my collection to submit to the Gen Y Retrocast's Users Retro Gallery today when my camera did something spooky. I don't know what the specific setting was when I took this picture, but it looks like I shot a ghost!

Except that the ghost is me! Spooky! I guess that's what heaven is like. Nowadays it seems like the cool thing for robot nerds to do is to moan about how many toy robots they have. Not in a proud way, but actually bitch about how the toy robot hobby has overtaken their lives and they don't have space or time to appreciate their massive collections of toy robots. I say screw that!

I am happy that I have buttloads and buttloads of toy robots. I am happy that I've got so many robots I can't count them all. I love being surrounded by them in my robot room. Hell yeah! Give me more, I say.

I think the problem with other people is they collect crap just to be collecting-they buy just to buy. They lack focus and are consumed by consumerism. They're bandwagon hoppers looking for the approval of others based on what the sexy exciting robot of the week is. In other words, they're big babies who can't handle their own freedom to choose, so they choose everything. It may be cool nowadays to knock old skool robot lovers like myself, but at least I don't go out and buy every damn thing at Wal-Mart that says 'Transformers' on the box. I say screw the reissue Transformers, screw the Alternators, screw the 'Classics ' line and screw the movie.

As far as I'm concerned they stopped making Transformers back in 1990 and everything else afterwards is too little, too late. I'm already an adult. I don't give a crap about the kiddies and their toys nowadays. So screw all the kiddies and screw the 'adult collectors' who are all burnt out on themselves, burnt out on thier collections, and burnt out on life in general.

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