Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Transformers ad from 20 years ago of the week-Optimus Prime and Megatron

This week's ad comes from a place in Rapid City called Motive Parts & Supply, Inc. They ran it for the week of December 1st, 1985. It features the two most iconic Transformers of all. I don't have much to write because I'M ON MY WAY TO BOTCON 2006 RIGHT NOW! WOO HOO!!!!

I will say that as a kid I never could figure out what to do with that little silvery gun thing that came with Megatron. He couldn't hold it in his fists. He couldn't shoot it like a bullet. He couldn't combine with it or use it as a shield. It didn't even look like a gun or a rifle to me. So I did what any kid would do. I pretended it was a spaceship that he traveled across the galaxy in, kicking people's asses and destroying whole civilizations on the various planets he landed on. I imagined it was the size of many Jupiters. In my childhood imagination, the smaller the toy was, the larger the object it protrayed in 'real life'.

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