Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Proving there's a fandom for even the most obscure and forgotten toyline

I am back from Botcon and all the crazy robot wackiness that was the week of September 25-October 2nd, but show reports and all that will have to wait. Dare I say-I am Transformered out?

Regardless of my TF enthusiasm being low, I got something in the mail that I've been excited about for years. As the webmaster of Sven Primenkopf's BLOCCAR World, I am a big fan of the dorkiest set of japanese building block robots ever-Takara Cultural Blocks System BLOCCAR. I intended SPBW to be the world's premier resource for fans of TCBS Bloccar. I would have reviews of each set and lots of pictures and all that other fanwanky stuff. But it all depended on me having a complete collection and I was one set short of having that. So in October of 2004 I let my Bloccar fan site die because I could never find Bloccar 001-Police Robo.

Trying to complete a set of Takara Cultural Blocks System Bloccar is like trying to complete a set of Maxx Steele Robo Force-it can be done but it's kind of embarrasing once you're finished. It's not that they aren't out there-it's that there's no market for them So that put me in the weird position of having a hole in my collection for over two years. A hole exactly the size of one Bloccar 001 Police Robo.

Since 2003 I've searched as hard as one could consider reasonable without mortgaging my sanity. Then just before Botcon this year, one went up for sale on eBay! Unbelievably it was the only set the seller had. 'Who cares?' I thought! As long as the only set is the last one I need to complete my collection!

So kick ass! Sven Primenkopf's Bloccar World is back! Hello Police Robo!

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