Thursday, October 13, 2011

A couple days ago at a convention far, far away in Texas....

It's the 35th episode of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse and it's more fun than taking a Snowspeeder to the face! Yes it's a most Star Warsian adventure as the Nostrodomatron revenges returns to Texas for Fan Days IV with the new hope of talking to some people that know a thing or two about drawing robots. Are all Star Wars conventions really toy robots conventions in disguise? They are from a certain point of view! So join me for over an hour of shocking revelations like how they make those giant Transformer standees in the stores, who drew those lenticular cards they packed in with Transformers that one time and how much I paid for a potentially deadly Mattel Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper in the dealer room! All this and more, much more in this "EVER SINCE THE OPERATION I'M YOUR MOM, TOO" edition of the podcastalypse!

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Luke there's something else you need to know about your dad.....


I put up a ton more pictures of just about everything I mentioned in the show (and more) over at Flickr in a set called crazysteve at Fan Days 2011. Check it out if you wanna see more Star Wars fans, collectors, toys, costumes, artists, celebrities and Transformer coloring books from 1985 than you can shake a gimmer stick at. For even more convention pictures check out Dallas ComicCon's Facebook page.

Illustrator Jamie Snell has worked on 5Finity's Voltron projects and IDW's Transformers comics

Artist Brian Rood has done numerous covers for IDW's Transformers comics and also packaging art for Hasbro


Fan Days has a bit of a reputation as a Star Wars convention but the organizers mix it up enough that you can be comfortable as a fan of just about anything and find stuff to do and people to meet. Being a bit of a robot fan I was able to find quite a few artists who had done illustration in an official capacity on a lot of my favorites like Voltron and the Transformers. They were illustrators who worked on everything from Voltron cards and Transformer comics and packaging to the Dark of the Moon standees you see in stores wherever Transformer toys or movies are sold. It was awesome and I could tell they were happy to talk to me, which means I could also tell none of them have ever listened to the Roboplastic Podcastalypse.

Steve Sansweet, Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins teamed up for a panel on Star Wars collecting that blew my Ewok mind


I've always felt like Star Wars collectors are the gold standard for the sharing and distribution of information among collecting communities. The panelists on the Star Wars collecting panel at Fan Days are a big reason for that. Steve Sansweet, Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins are so legendary that I'm a GoBots fan and I know who they are. So it was awesome to actually get to meet Gus and Duncan and pick up their book Gus and Duncan's Guide to Star Wars Prototypes. Star Wars is really lucky to have these guys and I even told them that. I said I wished GoBots had someone like them in its fandom. Then Duncan told me that I could be that person and after I did the work then I'd reap the benefits of having accomplished things for that fandom. I kind of laughed because while it would be cool to be the Duncan Jenkins of GoBots, I really want to be the Duncan Jenkins of the fandom where girls dress up in metal bikinis.

Illustrator Lawrence Reynolds has done freelance work for Hasbro including point of purchase displays for Dark of the Moon

Gus and Duncan were signing their books for free. This was great because the signed version is $20 more online.

Fans active in the Star Wars collecting community will look at this picture and recognize Brian and Karl from the upcoming Star Wars collecting documentary Plastic Galaxy. Then fans active in the Star Wars collecting community will look at this picture and wonder who the heck I am.

Double Steve autographs all the way across the page! They're so vivid!


Colin said...

Tease! An episode on Robotix promised and not yet available! Ack!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

A short 20 minute preview version of it was up for a couple months before I took it down to redo it Special Edition style. It'll be up again soon.


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