Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Storytelling with Michael Golden

IT'S THE 25TH PODCASTALYPSE! And it's more exciting than being on an airplane flown by a velociraptor without a pilot's license because Michael Golden's here and he's got some stories to tell. It's a Prometheus Pit full of fun as the King of the Acroyears recounts what it's like being a respected superhero artist while also being known as that guy who worked on all those licensed toy books. It's one of the most experienced storytellers of our time discussing the difference between art and craft and what happens when commercialism usurps artistic integrity. Are the Star Wars prequels as bad as the critics say? Was Star Wars #38 about being obsessed with Star Wars? And what REALLY happened to those Micronaut and GI Joe action figure "production samples" they gave him? Find out all that and more in this "I KEPT THE JET!" edition of the podcastalypse!

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Humongous thanks to Michael Golden for allowing me this interview during WizardWorld Miami 2011 and making my 25th episode something really special. Definitely go check out his panels on storytelling during the WizardWorld Convention Tour-the one in Miami was a highlight of the show for me. You can keep up with Michael at his Facebook and stay on top of his upcoming convention appearances at His next convention is Wizard World Toronto March 18-20th then it's back to Florida for MegaCon March 25-27th!



David H. said...

Michael Golden is one of the all time top artists in the comic book biz! all his stuff is amazing but with Avengers Annual #10 and the early books of Micronauts (Vol. #1)he hit it out of the park. Exo-Squad was a pretty good concept it's too bad it never really took off. it's not M.G. caliber art but maybe you might like some renderings of the Micronuats of my own:

Evil King Macrocranios said...

That drawing of Micropolis really does a good job of communicating a sense of scale with the city towers looming large in the background.

Michael Golden was a lot more than an artist on many of the books he worked on. He had a big part in not just the art but also the character development for many of the books he did. I think that's why he's credited as 'storyteller' in many of the books he's done development work on like the Micronauts. His Bucky O'Hare stuff is also pretty gorgeous, too.


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