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The thirteenth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse explodes apart like the Erector sets your grandpa used to beat you over the head with in this I'M GOING TO EAT YOU edition of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse! Thrill to tales of the ancient past (circa 1986) when grandpas actually liked their grandkids' toy robots, GoBots turned into bongs and Ultra Magnus went in your mouth, not in your hands!

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Longs Drugs 12/03/84
Toy City 04/01/1985



Captain Rufus said...

Don't worry about wanting to talk about Gobots. The nerd robot world could use more talk of Gobots and Zoids and Starriors and Convertors. (You have Robo Force pretty much held high.)

The nichey stuff is more fun to talk about.

Transformers are awesome and such, but the little guys need some love too.

I loved em all in the day in some form. While eagerly awaiting the NES with ROB and Zapper I would be getting for Christmas in 7th grade, I was happy to watch Transformers and Macron 1 on a little 9 inch B&W TV set, my days of playing with toys coming to a close, though not by choice.

Keep doing what you are doing man.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah I find I'm feeling guilty lately whenever I'm talking about Transformers and GoBots instead of everything else. This is supposed to be an "everything else" show but it feels like it's turning into the same Transformers and GoBots show/blog that every podcaster/blogger in the universe is doing right now.

I still have a bit of Transformer stuff to talk about but I've also got a big Voltron show lined up as counterbalance. Maybe if I keep mentioning Zeroids it'll all even out.

Rob said...

Great episode! A couple of things:

1. Larynx is pronounced la (as in "lab" or "baaa") rinks.

2. I received the Ultra Magnus voice changer as a present when I was 8 years old. I thought it was pretty cool. Shortly after, I saw a report about it on a morning news show. The host and an old guy with no voice were comparing it to much more expensive voice devices and the report was favorable. I thought that was cool- wow, my toy is helping people speak!

I had forgotten about that until I just listened to this episode of your podcast on my way to work this morning. Great memories, thank you!

Also, I genuinely have no recollection of Robo Force or Max Steel. It's weird because based on your research, Robo Force was all over the place back then, so I should've remembered *something*, but that isn't the case.

fairplaythings said...

Having listened to 13 podcast apocalyses in about four days, I must contradict you.

You talk very little about Transformers. You talk an awful lot about Roboforce and Gobots.

That said you did talk Transformers in this episode (I think) and I was intrested in your favouritism for 1984-85 TFs. I wonder if it is the look and feel of the original Diaclone robots that you like (whereas Hasbro's influence really came into play in 1986 and beyond where the toys felt a lot more plastic as they lost their die-cast-ness). Also wonder if you make an exception for Ultra Magnus.

And the greatest Nasta creation is not the voice changing robot, nor the microphone that will get your 8 year old ass arrested in a bank, but the "bring me the head of Ultra Magnus" radio that is an exact replica of the toy robots head. It is awesome! As you know - as I plug my long post on it now...

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Well thanks. The other day I saw someone's site where they linked to me in their section of Transformers blogs and it kind of bummed me out. Not necessarily because they categorized me as a Transformers blog but because I was hoping I'm giving people the impression that I'm into more than just one brand of old toy robot. I'd be just as upset if they'd have lumped me in with GoBots or RoboForce exclusively. Especially since everyone who's listened to the show knows it's not about toy robots at all! It's really about going to the library and eating McFish sandwiches.

I always feel self conscious that this is just another Transformer podcast just like every other Transformer podcast out there and I'm not really doing anything different. But I've mostly come to terms with it and if Transformers gets mentioned then that's just how it plays out. I don't hate them but sometimes I hate myself for being so one dimensionally devoted to them to the point where it might sound like I have no other robot interests.

I'm learning to accept that it's okay to like Transformers even when everybody else likes Transformers. That's harder for me than it should be because I still remember being goofed on as a teenager for liking toy robots and I wonder if these same a-holes who gave me crap in high school are the ones buying the tickets to the Bay movies. Even though Transformers is accepting of everyone I still ain't.

The Podcastalypse does get quite Transformery in later episodes, especially with the José Delbo and Jim Salicrup interviews. I've learned to be cool with it because it's Transformery in a way that I don't think is being done in other people's toy podcasts. Other shows get really news heavy. I like describing the Podcastalypse as the only toy robots gnus show with absolutely no toy robots gnus. Aside from that I guess I'm okay with the it being lumped in with somebody's collection of Transformers links because at its heart it really is a Transformers show (even if it is in disguise).

fairplaythings said...

Dude. Relax. Your podcast after 13 episodes can safely be summarized as a toy robot podcast and a healthy dose of archiological digs at libraries. 2 of the first 13 shows are library based.

Besides, if we lived in the dark universe where Gobots won the robot wars, they would call your site and blog a Gobot site. On Earth 3 it would be a Starriors site. Putting you under Transformers is short-hand for the less experienced out there, because Transformers won out and is so dominant.

Also, botcon is booked. Let's chat before the show. If there are particular guest panels you are interested in (or questions needed to be answered), we may be able to facilitate a roving reporter segment on behalf of the podcalypse.


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