Monday, June 21, 2010

The SuperConocalypse!

The eleventh seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse snaps, crackles and pops like I stuck my microphone in a bowl of rice crispies at a firecracker convention in this special Florida Supercon 2010 edition of the Podcastalypse! Thrill to the adventures of the Nostrodomatron as I walk the floor talking to myself for ten minutes about must have items I saw at FSC that every toy robot collector needs in their collection like terrible cardboard box Gundam costumes, very expensive drawings of old robots, some bootleg Botcon shirts and 12 inch tall Lynn Minmay dolls. Plus José Delbo talks to me about being the penciler on the old Marvel G1 Transformer comic from 1988 to 1990!

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I like to think every convention is what you make of it, and boy I tell you people were makin' stuff all over the place and most of it involved copyright infringement and lots of corrugated cardboard. While Supercon wasn't really a robot themed convention there was still tons of robot stuff to do. And by "tons of robot stuff to do" I mean I spent half my time at José Delbo's table having conversations with him about when he drew the Marvel Transformers comic from 1987-1990. The other half of my time was spent trying to drum up the courage to go to his table. Meeting Mr. Delbo was a huge deal to me and I tried to not be annoying but I may have come off a bit more starstruck with him than the average toy robots enthusiast. If I could have sat down with him all day I would have but I didn't want to be that annoying crazy fan that makes him want to go home and set all his Transformers art on fire. Ditto for Bill Sienkiewicz, who did the covers for the first issues of both Transformers and Starriors. Had those two been the only guests it would still have been a robotastic convention. I will choose to remember this convention as Botcon Miami, where Mr. Delbo and Mr. Sienkiewicz were the only guests and Tia Carrere, Yaya Han and Lion-O just happened to be there, too.

  • Meeting my robot heroes
  • Not robots that turn into pencils-the other way around!
  • Bad Gundam character design or homeless fan of Japanese robots?
  • If I had a cardboard car I would totally use these
  • What every bootleg robot cartoon DVD collector needs in their collection
  • Remembering the Sturyorz
  • A real Minmay Doll! (Not a Minmay real doll-that's something else)
  • The Perceptor DaVinci pose from All Hail Perceptor
  • Interview with José Delbo!


Jack said...

The only reason anyone would need a minmay doll is for burning in effigy.

Jack said...

So you'll be in orlando for botcon? I know we don't really know each other or anything, but your site is one of my favorites. If you wanted to escape from the botcon madness, I live in altamonte springs, about 20 minutes east of orlando. I could show you acme superstore, if you haven't been to it. Orlando's most roboplastological emporium.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Alas, the madness is the most compelling reason to attend Botcon. To leave the hotel is sacrilegious and a sin in the eyes of our truck king Peter Cullen, who demandeth that all of us (his unwanted children) congregate so as to smell of his breath and deprive ourselves of the sun's vitamin D for 72 hours. Unless Acme Superstore is connected to the convention hotel by a series of 20 minute long maze tubes shielded by the sun's harmful vitamin rays, I am afraid Vintage Space toast Tour Altamonte will have to be canceled this year.

Rob said...

You talk like a robot!

Great interview :)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah isn't it crazy how things work out. The man finally starts doing conventions after a life dedicated to comics and the first podcast interview he does is with me. It was an incredible honor for me and an historic event for Delbo fandom.


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