Thursday, February 25, 2010


The fourth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse shatters like a brittle roll of South Floridian microfilm as I record the Podcastalypse during Vintage Space Toast Tour Miami! Thrill to the adventures of the Nostrodomatron as I try to figure out why people who live in Florida don't all their spend time at the library looking at old newspaper ads of 25 year old toy robots.

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Circus World 11/28/84

I was thinking the other day about how the podcastoscape just doesn't have enough shows about 25 year old toy robots that are recorded at the library. I was also thinking about how very difficult it is to relate the thrill and excitement of staring at a microfilm scanner for nine hours in a blog post. Then the idea hit me to take the Podcastalypse on the road so that I could share with you, my fellow Macrocranians, my hobby that is equal part excitement and equal part torture (but mostly torture) and record a show while I was at the library. But then it was hard to try speaking into my voice recorder while sitting at the microfilm scanner while being really quiet and not freaking out the people on the internet computers next to me who were looking at porn. So this show was recorded in multiple locales in and around the downtown Miami public library, but mostly at McDonald's.

The Family Mart 11/25/84
  • Intro poem: The Roboplastic Podcastalypse (Vintage Space Toast Tour Miami version)
  • I just realized Minnie mouse does not live in Miami
  • Hanging outside the library in February 2010 mentally preparing for Black Friday 1984
  • The Miami library is like a Stargate through which I see newspapers from Tampa
  • Rubber band collecting in Miami
  • Live from Lunch: reel wrap up
  • TIC, TOC, GONG!-Robogasms over an ad featuring carded GoBots watches
  • That Circus World black friday 1984 ad that I'd seen on Vintage Space Toast Tour Denverado but not as clearly
  • Zobots-Mighty Robots, Mighty Zehicles
  • Robo Force, Robo Force, Robo Force
  • Apparently newspapers are good for more than ads-ask Zartan
  • Setting the record for saying "Robo Force" repeatedly in a show not specifically about Robo Force
  • The demise of Playworld circulars in newspapers circa 1987
  • Looking through a November 25th, 1990 Playworld ad with buttloads of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle merchandise (and other stuff that was not robots)
  • Wrap up of the show / final thoughts
  • 1990: No newspapers for old robots
  • Shout out to Computer Warriors
  • Two reasons 1990 was a good year to die
  • Recap of being grateful for Playworld circulars
  • Exit poem


SlickMcFavorite said...

Sorry, couldn't find a contact link. Is there any way to subscribe to your podcast through iTunes? Been manually downloading them, but just found my iPod.

Thanks for your time...Slick

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks for listening. I'm not going to put the Podcastalypse on iTunes because while it's fun to record it's embarrassing for me to listen to. That's also kinda why I don't put my contact info on the blog.

Jack said...

Would you want to read your poems with a giant monster?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

nEXT week's Podcastalypse will be another poems episode named "Toy Robots Poems for Giant Monsters".

fairplaythings said...

I actually was amazed by this podcast. I never really thought how much goes into your library microfiche adventures. I'm glad you shared this.

I thought your comments about going through depressing stories with no exciting payoff was quite telling.

Also Gobot watches rock!


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