Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The pieces of the Puzzler!

I've had GoBots in my head for days because I've been reformatting the GoBots section of the Vintage Space Toaster Palace! It's been a monsterous undertaking just getting all the ads already there put into tables so the information is more clearly understandable. This doesn't include adding the backlog of GoBots ads I've accumulated since Vintage Space Toast Tour Denverado so I'm sure getting those up is going to drive me buggy, man! It is all so very worthwhile because although the complete update is only halfway accomplished, just getting everything sorted out has given me lots of oddball observations about the marketing of the GoBots line and how radically different Tonka's approach was in many ways versus what Hasbro did with Transformers. It's like each ad is a piece to a much larger puzzle and when they're all arranged they become this overall picture of the line and how it was marketed. I don't have ads for every assortment yet-the Dread Launchers, Secret Riders, Power Launchers and Sky Hawk just to name a few are all absent from the newspaper ads I've seen. I don't know what I have in the backlog, though. Hopefully there'll be some surprises once I finish putting everything up sometime around next week. For now I'm gonna take a break from GoBots. You could say I'm in need of a Rest-Q!

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