Thursday, February 11, 2010


The second seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is broken as I battle the mighty Shogun Warriors and thank them for saving a generation of seventies kids who would otherwise have grown up playing with dolly doll dolls and pansy robots!

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Ever since I was a little kid I've had this one daydream I'd dream whenever I was in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations, like when I pooped my pants in first grade or forgot my lines in the fourth grade school play or when I wrecked my first car at 17 or nowadays whenever I'm recording the Roboplastic Podcastalypse. In this daydream I imagine Godzilla explodes through the walls of whatever building I'm in like a terrible green Kool Aid man with atomic laser breath. And then he destroys everything and kills everybody in a two mile radius with his heat rays and patented Godzilla scream and stomping. Once everyone's dead and after everything's been reduced to smoldering rubble, he lifts me up and he bites off the top of my head like how you pop the top off a marker and keep it in your mouth before you write with it. While holding my body like a pencil he then smears my brains all over whatever's left of the nearest wall. It's like Godzilla graffiti with my brains and blood and whatever else he can squeeze through my body and out the top of my skull. The resultant message written in a splattered mess of brain matter and crimson ink would be exactly what we'd imagine Godzilla's terrible screams would look like if he could write them down. Unfortunately this never actually happens in real life and I am left having to live with the horrible consequences of my actions like poopy pants (and this podcast) but I keep holding out the hope that one day if I accept Godzilla as my personal savior he will indeed come and kill me and use my brains as the ink with which he writes his message of love and redemption for all mankind.


Gibson's 12/17/79

So basically what happened was back in 1972 a Japanese cartoon about a giant robot named Mazinger-Z got made and a toymaker named Popy made toys from it and all the other subsequent super robot cartoons that followed. These toy robots came in two sizes-jumbo two foot tall ones and five to six inch die cast metal ones. Then in 1977, American toy company Mattel distributed these toys in the US and called them Shogun Warriors. They lasted here until 1980 when for whatever reason they got canceled. Now listen to me take 45 minutes to relate that same story I just told in four sentences (and still leave some parts out). As I re-listened to this episode it occurred to me that I left a ton of Shogun Warrior stuff underexplained or unexplored but holy hell it went over 40 minutes already. There will definitely have to be a future episode of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse revisiting the Shogun Warriors but I already promised the next one would be about Micronauts. So much for keeping these Podcastalypses down to 20 minutes! This illustrates how I underestimated three things: a) how much history there is to relate in regards to these old toylines, b) how long it takes me to say something and c) how dumb I am about podcasting.

Pose may require hand support-and nitroglycerin


agentmorris said...

This podcast totally made me want one of those expensive Soul of Chogokin Reideens now.

And a monkey-faced Godzilla to boot!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks a lot. I am glad my voice inspires feelings other than suicide. There is so much more to say about Raydeen and the Shogun Warriors that I'm sure I'll still be talking about them well after you've amassed an entire SoC army.

Maestro Meister said...

Mr. Evil King Macrocranios,

Because my early childhood in the late 70's and first couple of years of the 80's was spent in Mexico, my only plasticos were lead-painted Mexican wrestlers and Kaliman "action" figures. My *only* dose of childhood robots was on TV, my favorite shows being "Monstruos del espacio" ("The Space Giants") and "Robot Gigante" ("Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot").

As Mexico is always a little behind in getting all the cool imports, thanks for teaching me about all the robotarded toys I missed out on. Carry on! I'm totally diggin' your podcast --must be on account of all the lead I injested as a kid.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Awesome! I strive to make every Podcastalypse so robometallic that listening will leave you brain damaged like getting lead poisoning from licking a Shogun Warrior.

I remember on one episode of the TV Ate My Dinner podcast they talked about Space Giants. I don't remember which one-it might have been in the 40s-but all of them are pretty good. I would highly recommend their show because those guys are our age and grew up with a lot of the same stuff. Plus they talk about apocalypses, robots and Godzilla more than I do.

Shawn Robare said...

Steve, your podcast is the coolest. Seriously, I'm learning all sorts of stuff about Shogun Warriors and being entertained by poetry at the same time, and I know little of either.

Really digging these and I can't wait to hear more.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Shawn I can't thank you enough for the inspiration. I remember being so excited when I first found your show. You proved that a guy could do a short 15-20 minute podcast that was on topic and interesting to listen to without needing additional hosts to have fun. It's you and the Retroist I strive to emulate/rip off stylistically. Thanks.

fairplaythings said...

A rebuttal of sorts... :)


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