Friday, January 29, 2010


L-R: Beaver Cleaver in drag, Bea Arthur, Dildo Smurf, Ted Danson, God cosplaying as Orko, Cucumber Satan

As if in answer to my prayers for pictures of the unproduced Zoggies, a French blogger has put up scans of the Wheeled Warriors portion of the 1986 Mattel Catalog. This contains pictures of what would have been the second year of Wheeled Warriors had it not been canceled. There's some great unreleased stuff like the Thunderstruction Environment and Vehicle sets, Motorvators and Monstervators snap on motorized vehicle chassis, new Monster Minds like Bru-Toss and the Grim Creeper, prototypes of the Fling Shot and Spray Gunner and of course the figures of Jayce and the gang (plus Zoggies!) and last but not least-Saw Boss the figure!

Unfortunately the blog triggers my Norton Anti-Virus because of a trojan in one of the .gifs related to the bloghost. The Norton report is here. If you're protected against Bloodhound.Exploit.281 then go ahead and check it out:

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