Tuesday, December 01, 2009

GOODBYE PS3 Unlike some of my other consoles, you fail me

A couple weeks ago I got the yellow death and I don't mean macaroni and cheese. My PS3 refused to start up, exhibiting the dreaded green/yellow/red flashing dance of the dead light sequence. This sucks because my Turbografx-16 is old enough to buy beer and it still works.

There's a new photo set at FlickrMacrocrania called "R.i.P. PS3" with pictures of me trying not to cry as I pack up my Playstation and send it away to get fixed.


deadbeat senna said...

dude the turbographxs barely turened 20 this year. If is drinking beer it's underage.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Ah, when good consoles go bad. My PS3 died, my Turbografx has a drinking problem, my Super Nintendo is turning dirty yellow and my Saturn is illegally modded. I should have known when they hit the teenage years they'd turn into a bunch of no good delinquents. Except the PS3 was barely two years old so he's learning to slack early. I should never have put him next to Gamecube-that's where he's learning all this.

Weasel said...

I always thought it was the 360s that loved to die early. At least, that was what I heard.

You know, my 'Cube never slacked. Ever. I could play Pokemon XD for hours at a time and never had a hiccup. Prime would try and play his PS2 and the damn thing would freeze up if you looked at it wrong. Weird.

Josh Miller said...

Yeah, this is one thing I hate about the current "age of gaming" Consoles keep dying off.

Also there's the whole "downloadable pay to play" model that keeps popping up.

Meanwhile, if I want to play Super Mario Brothers 2, I can pull out my NES and stick in the cartridge and go FOREVER!

Hell if my NES dies it's even reasonably easy to fix, unlike today's "mostly a computer" consoles.

Brian Kilby said...

In the old days, if my game console died I could fix it with a soldering iron or by replacing a diode. Even the red ring on the 360 can be repaired by cracking the unit open but I have no idea how to approach a dead PS3.


Weasel said...

Ah yes, the days of DIY repair. What the hell happened to them?!

I need to quit reading stuff like this; it's too depressing.

Josh Miller said...

What happened to DIY? There's no money in repairable merchandise!

Most people probably don't even realize they can send these consoles in so they just buy a new one.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I've been doing some research on all this and it turns out Sony solders their chips to their boards with a combination of ice cream and butter so whenever a PS3 turns on its insides melt like a grilled cheese sandwich. Fortunately I just found a concise and helpful 42 step guide on how to fix it myself. Unfortunately I found said guide a week after I paid Sony $150 to fix it.


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