Sunday, December 06, 2009

GOODBYE PS3 part 2: I guess I'll know if they checked my hard drive if Stone Philips is the UPS guy

Four days ago I got an email from Sony that started like this:

"Dear PlayStation® Owner,
On 12/02/09 we shipped a PLAYSTATION 3 - CECHA01 and if applicable, peripheral(s) and/or accessories, to you."

I'm glad they didn't decide I hacked my unit or did anything else on my end to void the already expired warranty. I'm a little uncomfortable with their wording. Telling me they shipped "a" Playstation to me instead of definitively saying it was my repaired Playstation being returned has me worried. I guess there's enough wiggle room to interpret it either way. I would love to just have my old system and data back but from how fast it took them to do the turnaround I doubt it's the same one. I sent it to them November 25th, exactly a week and a half ago. A week after I dropped it off at the UPS store they sent me something back? Factor in the delivery time and that's only one or two days to fix a system. I think they just opened mine up, said screw it and sent me a refurbished one.


I'll find out what they did soon. Tonight I got a call from UPS telling me I have a delivery coming tomorrow. Once it gets here a quick check of the serial numbers will tell me if this is my old friend back from the dead or a new old friend of someone else's recently reanimated. I'm pretty sure my hard drive is gone and with it all my torrented Shin Mazinger Z cartoons and my secret wife-proof hidden folder of topless Disney actresses pictures. Damnit, I hope those chicks were legal when they took those. On the bright side, the Sony rep I called when this whole fiasco began said my son's DVD that was stuck in it would be removed and sent back to me. I can't wait to get back to watching that cartoon about the kid and his friend the duck named Pato a tryptzillion times everyday. OH WAIT YES I CAN.

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