Tuesday, December 08, 2009

GOOD BYE PS3 CONCLUSION: Welcome home old...stranger?

Well I got the Playstation Sony sent me yesterday and just as I feared it was not my original one but a new (to me) and most likely refurbished 60 gig launch SKU console. I was happy to get all the same features like the extra USB ports and multiple card slots and my son's DVD back. I'll be checking the backwards compatibility tomorrow but it looks like they did just as they said so there were no surprises, just disappointment that they couldn't (or didn't even try to) save my old machine and all the data on my hard drive. But it is holiday season and I would really like to play The Force Unleashed and the Revenge of the Fallen games so having a rePlacedStation is better than no 'station at all.


So then resumed the long and arduous process of getting everything back to how I had it on my old machine, from retyping all my favorite internet bookmarks to redownloading all the games I had and most importantly-reloading the Peter Porker wallpaper. Starting all over from ground zero took a lot of time. This machine was outfitted with Firmware 3.0 so I had to start by reactivating my account and downloading firmware 3.1. Firmware always takes a while so that wasn't fun. Then the nightmare of reloading all my stuff and realizing I didn't have copies of game save data made for a bad day. I think I did copy a game save for the first Transformer movie game but if I don't find it I'm back to square one with nothing unlocked on any of my games. No way am I going to replay all the hundreds of hours it took to get as far as I did in those games. Boy does that suck. I feel like a douche for complaining about stuff like this when there are probably people out there that just found out today they have cancer, but those cancer dudes at least have the slightest infinitesimally small chance they can beat it whereas I am not so sure I can beat Megatron again in the last level of Transformers:The Game.


And speaking of cancer, boy do I feel dumb for ever contributing computing time on my PS3 to that Folding@Home project. I know the idea was that Playstations could harness massive amounts of computational power to help Stanford cure cancer but as it turns out I was only killing my Playstation leaving it on like that. Maybe if Sony could guarantee their products won't self destruct after two years I would feel comfortable leaving a Playstation 3 on for more than 30 minutes at a time now. As it is I feel like an idiot for wasting away my $600 machine thinking an already super rich college couldn't afford their own calculators.


As soon as I turned on the new (to me) PS3 that fan kicked in and started roaring. I am not surprised. Other gamers have said their PS3s are whisper quiet but every console I've had roared like a lion. It doesn't matter. I will do things differently from here on out now knowing this Playstation will eventually self destruct like the first one. I won't stand it up on its side so the chips won't slide off the motherboard like lava down the side of a volcano when their solder melts from the heat. I will save every game data file from here on out and no way will I ever do any folding again. Folding is like duct taping a lit stick of dynamite to your PS3 and using the lit fuse to light cigarettes for cancer doctors on their smoke breaks. BUT NO MORE! If my next PS3 is going to die, it's going to die benefiting me and my terminal medical conditions-chronic robotardation and addiction to topless Disney actresses pictures. EXCUSE ME I THINK IT IS TIME TO UNLEASH THE FORCE NOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


Weasel said...

Firmware always takes a while so that wasn't fun.

So it took around ten minutes I'm guessing? Our self checks at work run on Firmware and when rebooted, they warn an update could take up to ten minutes.

Thankfully, that hasn't happened while I've been there.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Exactly. I am not exaggerating when I say ten minutes is about right. First the Playstation has to download the update and that takes about as much time as it does to install it. I always update wirelessly so maybe that's part of it but even on a good connection it always takes forever.

Thankfully I've never gotten a bad firmware that bricked the machine. I've heard of a couple instances where that's happened-I don't know if it was true or some fake postings done to make Sony look bad. Regardless I always wait for a couple days after a new firmware comes out before getting it so I can read what the update did to others' machines.

I'm surprised any Wal-Mart still has self checkout. That came and went in the blink of an eye back when I lived in Rapid City and they don't have them in any Wal-Mart I've been to in Miami.

Weasel said...

I can't blame you on waiting before updating; I've heard a few Wii horror stories dealing with that sort of thing. (Get update, so long functioning system.) It freaks me out, and I don't even have a freaking Wii!

There had been talk of getting rid of our self checks, but nothing has come of it though. I hope we always have them; if I feel anti-social I can just hang out with my machines. ;)

Sean said...

That post was hilarious and very sad. I'm really hoping my Halo Edition X-Box never gets fucked like that 'cause I would want the Halo Edition one back and not the new black model that's out now. Since you can go online with your PS3s and X-Box's there should be a feature where you can store your game data online so if your machine breaks you can just download it from the online storage site. That would kick ass.


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