Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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We're living in a second golden age of Transformer popularity because I don't remember there being so much great Transformers related kids' clothing available since the early eighties. There's tons of Transformers Animated shirts and underwear and shoes and all sorts of other things that make it a lot of fun to be a robot nerd dad. I thought all I was going to get to do was put my kid in that Soundwave onesie and that'd be it because for a while there the only Transformer clothes being made were for the real Transformer target demographic-30 year old guys who buy retro tshirts at Hot Topic.

Thankfully there's a lot of Animated stuff out there but so far I've only really liked the clothes that feature Bumblebee prominently. My sister bought us this green hoodie at a discount store in El Paso for $2! The gloves are part of a set I found at K-Mart in November. They go with the bini hat he's wearing in the very first picture at the top, but we lost that in Houston on the downtown bus. I like the Autobot sigil bini and glove set better than the Bumblebee one but now I really miss the Bumblebee bini especially since K-Mart has long since sold out of them.

Possibly the most horrible and terrifying Transformer tie-in merchandise ever are these Transformers Animated Bumblebee slippers. Holy crap they're awful but when I saw them I knew we had to have 'em. At first I thought they were bootlegs (bootslippers?) but they had the official tags and packaging and everything. They're quite frightening with the big horned Bumblebee head poking out of the front and four oddly protruding puffy tires. If they made Bumblebee gloves that covered your hands with Bumblebee heads he could look like some sort of Voltron that was made out of Bumblebees instead of space lions. Or BeezulBumblebBub, Lord of the Banana Robots.


Jaysun said...


anyhoo, yeah...I put my son in that some Soundwave onesie.


Heavyarms said...

You mean you haven't decked him out in a bunch of TF movie stuff?

Okay, I won't lie, if my son hadn't gotten a movie Optimus t-shirt from his grandparents, he wouldn't be wearing it either.

I wish I could find a sweet animated Optimus t-shirt for me so everyone would know that I was an emotionally immature 32 year old robophiliac.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks Jaysun. Hay do you ever go up to the Action Figure Museum in Oklahoma? The guys there told me this month there'd be a huge GI Joe 3 3/4" diorama with like two USS Flags and all sorts of crazy stuff but I don't know if it's up yet. I guess they're celebrating the 27th anniversary or something.

Oh man Heavyarms if they would make Animated adult shirts I would be all over that. I'm sort of a runty guy so I do browse the boys shirt section at Wal-Mart to see if I might fit in the bigger little kid clothes. Unfortunately kids aren't fat enough nowadays or something so I don't fit in a boys large.

That leaves me with Hot Topic and I don't understand why they think G1 are the only Transformers worth making clothes out of. It doesn't matter anyways because they've stopped selling the infant and toddler Transformers clothes. I once saw a guy in a Spider-Man shirt with his toddler son wearing the same thing and I got jealous. It sucks that I can't be dorky like that.

Weasel said...

I am jealous of your child: He has clothes that I do not.

Yes, I collect anything Bumblebee. Kids clothes included. And I want that hoodie and pair of slippers like you wouldn't believe. Sad, no? (But I do have Bumblebee crocs, which are really cute......good God, I am sad.)


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