Monday, May 07, 2007

Good job Air Force public relations! OR: THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE WARZ

The Prince of Macrocrania and I dressed up in our robot shirts the other day, which is all part of my ongoing attempt to embarras my son as early in life as possible. We were amongst my wife's friends (aka normal people) when one of the ladies remarked, "What is that symbol on the baby's shirt? Is it the Air Force?" To which I was in the process of replying, "Why yes, yes it is" but the Queen of Macrocrania cut me off and told her friend it was from Transformers. The lady then remarked that she grew up in the eighties and should have known that. And I was kind of thinking, "No, no you shouldn't have."

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Weasel said...

Well, the 'Con sigil and the Air Force logo do look a little bit alike... if you squint really hard and turn your head sideways.

The young Prince is quite cute. You must start his training immediately. I suggest buying a few Playskool GoBots. :)


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