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Transfrormers 1987-1990: The Decline of Roboplastico Civilization Part II: The Metal Ears

I've been uploading about three dozen new* Transformers ads from the tail end of the 1980s to the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. The period from 1987-1990 is when the number of ads for Transformers got smaller and smaller while their robot hats got bigger and bigger. I SEE A CORRELATION HERE. I've also never spent much time looking through papers from those years because I never liked the toys from that time. That's why the VSTP has been rather anemic in the Transformers 1987-1990 era. My interest in Transformers started trailing off after 1987 because when I hit fourteen in '88 I started getting into Iron Maiden. I figuratively traded Monster Pretenders for Monsters of Rock, Sixshot for Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I had other hobbies during my teenage years, too, most notably terrible driving and car crashes. I drove about as badly as I took care of my Transfomrers. The one constant through all the stages of my life has been broken pieces of car, just at differing scales.


Lionel Playworld 11/29/87
Transformers did not let go without a fight and it was during 1987 that I first began collecting newspaper ads of toy robots. Although I stopped getting the toys as much as I used to, I started cutting out Transformer ads from the Sunday newspaper circulars. I didn't used to write down where the ads were from or what day they came out so until very recently I didn't know any of that. Lately I've uncovered this information for a lot of my childhood ad collection so I put them up and they're the only color ads at the Vintage Splace Toasters Place. Those are now in the Transformers 1987 section and I also started a section for Transformers 1988-1990. At fourteen years old I could not have imagined that a handful of newspaper ads clipped in 1987 would evolve into a webpage with over 700 toy robots ads twenty years later. I guess Iron Maiden never really cured my roboplasti-holism, but that's the nature of the beast. Roboplasti-holism can't be fought, roboplasti-holism can't be sought. It just mutates into other scary roboplastico fetishes.


Lionel Playworld 11/06/88
While I was off Powerslaving, Transformers was Powermastering (and Headmastering and Targetmastering and Actionmastering). And while they were doing that from 1988-1990, toystores were busying Nintendo-ing, Ninjaturtle-ing, and STILL friggin' GI Joe-ing. As the 80s gradually came to an end so did the toy robots ads and this is reflected in how the makeup of my Transformers 1988-1990 section is 12 from '88, seven from '89 and only one from 1990. Coincidentally this is also the number of car crashes I had in each of those years. It's always sad to see how the Toy Robots Wars of the 80s ended so -mastery and plasticky, but I will always remember the golden years when my favorite robots were metal, my favorite music was metal and my favorite cars to crash were also metal.

*20 year old

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Rob said...

Yes, the metal Transformers were much better than the later plastic ones. The plastic ones felt really cheap. That's why the Soundwave toy was cooler than the Blaster toy and why the Megatron toy was cooler than the Galvatron toy.


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