Thursday, May 15, 2008

New crap over at the webpage with crusher arms and gripper bases!

I'm beginning to process the material I got from the Cincinnati main library for the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. If you're a fan of old GoBots, Starriors and Transformer ads then you're going to have to wait until next week because this update is all about Max Steele and his crazy Robo Force! This first round of Cincinnati updates includes 28 new ads, half of which are Robo Force material. Break out your Robo Force underwear and check 'em out!

I made new sections for GoDaiKin, Zoids and Zybots. There's only 4-6 ads in each new section because those lines didn't get advertised very heavily, but it's some good stuff. The GoDaiKin ad from December of 1983 has some of the corniest text ever written about toy robots. It's also always fun to see ads for the early OAR* Zoids. And when was the last time you saw a blurry , grainy monochrome ad for the Zybot watch? Did you even know there was a Zybot watch? You'll need this information once the impending Zybots revival swings into full gear and you find yourself at Zybotcon competing in the Zybot trivia challenge.

*Original American Release. People who speak Zoid prefer this term over my personal favorites-"Zoids:Generation One" and "the first Zoids".

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