Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello old friend, it's good to see you, too!

Hey I don't bust out the old Care Bears lyrics for just anybody


agentmorris said...

The triumphant return of Mr. Duck Zoid!!!!

So was this from Toys 'n Joys??

Evil King Macrocranios said...

No, I gave up on Toys N Joys after the second time they sent me the wrong thing. I decided to keep the Helic Memorial '83-'84 box they sent me and stop dealing with them.

I went to eBay where I found a seller that had a Helic Memorial '83 set with a BIN of $59.99. I took a day pondering whether or not to get it, and in that time some other guy bought it! That's when I knew I wanted one badly.

Then the same seller put up another Helic '83 set for 5 bucks more and I jumped on it. I figure the 5 extra dollars was dumbass tax I had to pay for not buying the first one when I could have.

agentmorris said...

Cool beans, EKM! I'm glad to hear you landed the set. I vaguely remember having at least one Zoid as a kid.

I was more into Robotix. I've had many urges to replace the Robotix toy set I had as a kid.

On a somewhat totally irrelevant note, I wish I could find a Takara Blaster reissue with a good Ebay BIN price. I've been scalped twice in the last two weeks now, by a dollar each time.

Ugghhh...the pain a toy robot addiction can have.

agentmorris said...

In my last comment, I meant sniped, NOT scalped.

Heavyarms said...

The sound of that little wind-up motor takes me back.


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