Monday, April 21, 2008

No Sleep Till Botcon

Holy crap I stayed up until 4 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning working on the tetrajets but it was worth it. I have all the parts cast and all I have left is assembly and painting. It's downhill from here in terms of work so I expect to have painted ones done by later today. Of course my plans always go terribly wrong and I may find myself painting them on the plane ride to Cincinnati.

BOTCON PEOPLE-if you want a tetrajet and you're going to the show, email me and we'll arrange some sort of arrangement. I'll have ten and so far five are spoken for (Nala, Defensis, Silverwynde, John S., and me). That leaves five remaining that will probably go unsold anyways so who am I kidding. I'm going to price them at $7 each, which is $2 more than I said I would earlier, but I decided to throw in a free copy of THE KING OF ALL TOY ROBOTS POEMS COLLECTIONS* (which I was originally going to sell for $2 anyways). It's great deal.

(First five people to email me get a tetrajet reserved. Only one to a person. If we're unable to meet up at the show then there's no sale, but I will try my damndest to make it happen. Also, I will probably not have change so if you could have exactly seven bucks that would be fantastic.)

*Features the exclusive poem "I Only Feel Alive at Botcon (and that is why I want to die)"

UPDATE!-Thanks to everyone who responded. I don't have anymore email access so I can't take anymore reservations.


Heavyarms said...

Hey! What about me??

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I have you, Richard and Mr. E down for the non-attendee packages that I will send out in May. After Botcon's over I'm going to make more for you guys, or probably just send you whatever didn't sell.

Did you and your brother decide against driving up to Cincinnati?

Heavyarms said...

Unfortunately. Wanted to go to the USAF museum this Friday and swing by Botcon on Saturday for a bit, but we all had a bunch of stuff come up in March and April that has sort of thrown everyone's schedule off. Me and L'il Heavyarms are just going to the D-Day museum and a Zephyrs game in New Orleans instead (only and hour away).

Sucks, because I was looking forward to meeting you and a few other folks from the intarwebs, and I had a legitimate excuse for traversing 'cross the country (try and explain going to Botcon to a woman who raises an eybrow when you come home with a Robot Hero.) Maybe next year's will be in a closer location. Or I can come up with another excuse.

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, just fired off an email to you. Just ignore the part where I whine about not being included as I see your comment here. I'm a doof.

Heh. Non-attendee packages. I feel so official now.

Paul said...

Holy crap! I realize I'm late on this and I wasn't going to go to botcon, but is there anyway I could get one of these? I'd love to write about it on my blog!!

Anonymous said...


oh well.

D said...

OOH. At this point, what's the best way for me to get me an awesome awesome tetrajet?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I'm not making anymore Skywarps. It really is a big hassle and it's great to know people like them but this is just a hobby to me. After the last three go out to Mr. E, Heavyarms and Richard, that's it.


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