Monday, January 28, 2008

Deal of the Week OR: You smoking pool?

Okay, there hasn't been a deal of the week in a while because I'm selfish and I was keeping them all to myself. But check this out-Lost and Found Toys has Binaltech Grimlock on clearance for $47.99. I know that it's difficult to believe $50 for a toy car is a good deal if you're not someone who's up on Japanese 1:24 scale transforming robot Mustang Tyrannosauruses, but sometimes I just ask that you trust me.

For you seekers of G1 Canadian lenticular stickers from 1985 ceral boxes, there's an ebay auction from that same guy I bought a set from going on right now. Starting bid on this auction is $29.99 and I got my set for $40 so maybe you'll be able to pull it off $10 cheaper than I if there's no competition. He's set the Buy-It-Now at $80. Again, you kind of have to take my word that somewhere between $30 and $80 is a deal on eight little square stickers from 20 year old cereal boxes, but this blog isn't called Please Save Me Common Sense.

Before I get flooded with no emails about what deals I've kept for myself, let me share with you my fellow citizens of Macrocrania these two comics I bought recently, along with a little background on why they're personal holy grails:

In late '86 just after the animated movie, Marvel decided to do a bi-monthly series of Transformers comics reprints in a digest size called "Transformers Comics Magazine". Transformers used to be so popular that this rehashing of old material in a smaller, difficult to read size continued for a year and a half. My sister was the one who caught on to this series and kept up with it through the seventh issue, probably because I was a total a-hole and didn't let her read my copies of the original comics from '84-'85. There were only ten in the TF:CM set and the last two issues are insanely difficult to find. Even at Botcon I was able to find all but the last two issues for no more than $3 a pop. But those last two eluded me for years.

When I did find them recently at Mile High Comics, they wanted $10.40 for #9 and $18.00 for #10. There was no way in hell I was paying that much. $30 for two itty bitty comics that originally retailed together for a total of $3 was a bit much, even for me. I've written earlier about how Mile High's president does crazy sales based on how near to death he is so I waited for one, although I was wondering what disease he'd have to get before he'd bring the price on those two down. I didn't want them to be AIDS cheap because I really like the guy, but I was hoping maybe his West Nile virus would flare up again briefly so I could see maybe a 30% discount. Well in December last year he not only had a 50% off sale, but he decided to give everybody on his mailing list a $10 off coupon. I was floored. At that price I guessed he must have contracted herpes, but no, it turned out he was just in the Christmas spirit. That meant after shipping & handling, my two Moby Dicks of toy robots comics would only cost me $11. I thought it was a dream or a mistake, but they came through on their word and the books arrived. I was stunned, but not as much as I am now that they've raised the prices on those two to $18 and $30 respectively. I love you Mile High Comics, but $48 is a Japanese Mustang Tyrannosaurus!

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