Thursday, December 20, 2007

The whole galaxy will soon be his anyway, but first he needs to get some groceries

Black Convoy lives about two streets down from me. I run into him sometimes when I go buy groceries at the commissary. I guess he's deciding to take it easy and live the domestic life before he commences destroying the earth.


Weasel said...

Well, I have BT Bumblebee and BT Cliffjumper living down my street.

There are two new VW Beetles that "live" close to my house. One's red. the other yellow. Needless to say, everytime Prime and I drive past them, I say hello. It drives Prime nuts, to say the least. But they're just so darned cute I can't help myself.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

He should be grateful. You're only slightly less annoying than those punchbuggy people.

Weasel said...

Scary thing? We've done that too. But we never think to keep score! That and our rules are very different. (Yellow classic Beetles are worth 5 points. Don't ask.)

Dear Lawd, I am the world's most pathetic geek. Do I need an intervention or something? Don't answer that...

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I prefer "extreme case of monofranchise-tosis" instead of "pathetic geek". You don't need an intervention, what you need is to stop wasting all this gold in the comments section of my blog and put it over on yours with pictures of you guys doing all this wacky stuff. You're on a roll lately with funny Bumblebee stories. I liked your recent post about Bumblebee being either a curse or blessing.

The angstiness you feel is great for your writing. I wish I was more conflicted and angsty because lately I feel my writing has gone flat. I haven't felt pissed off or persecuted in a while and I miss feeling passionate about anything. Maybe the new Transformers and Macross cartoons will be horrible. I can only hope.


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