Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jeffrey Brown-Incredible guy

Remember how I wrote about those other guys who posted pictures of their Incredible Change-Bots fanclub art? Well today I got my Incredible Change-Bots fan club membership packet and it is awesome-or should I say, INCREDIBLY COOL. I also sent my ICB book along with my fan club registration and Jeffrey signed it for me and drew a sketch of Shootertron by the dedication. I love the Shootertron design. That was an incredible coincidence because I was going to ask for a sketch of Shootertron as part of my membership packet, but I asked for Bushwacky instead. Being from Texas I've always had a soft spot for cowboy robots that turn into big black trucks and wear ten gallon stetsons.

The next piece of robot related Jeffrey Brown I want to track down is the print he did as part of a fund raiser for ROM creator Bill Mantlo. Floating World Comics in Portland did a Mantlo tribute December 6th and tons of artists donated work which was put on display. Jeffrey did a pretty cool piece and the original is up on ebay right now along with many of the other works, but as I write this, Brown's original is up to an incredible $108. I'd settle for a $7 print if I could find one.


Anonymous said...

I never did get the book, let alone send away for my own art. I'm sad now.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Aw, come on Richard don't be sad. I've probably so overhyped the book that when you do eventually buy it you'll question my judgment. And in the email conversation I had with Jeffrey, he wrote that one of his ideas for a possible sequel would be to include all the fan club drawings he did. The art may one day be available to everybody who buys the second Change-Bots book, which would be really cool.


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