Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Welcome to Things Wassup About Transformers! I am breaking from my standard format of being emo about toy robots to supplement the news I usually get from the Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites. Sometimes they don't focus enough on what I think is interesting, so as a public service I am enhancing the T.I.T.T.I.E.S. with T.W.A.T.

Things Wassup About THE GAME

Target has released a pdf file with the codes to unlock G1 skins of Optimus Prime, Jazz and Starscream in the upcoming Transformers Movie video game. The .pdf on their site is not system specific. I'm guessing this is further proof for my theory that the only thing exclusive about the Target versions of the game is that they have packaging that reveals these codes. I seriously doubt that Activision/Traveller's Tales programmed in exclusive game content just for Target. Releasing these codes early sort of blows their Robovision wad in a big way because these codes were the biggest incentive to get the game at Target. It's also pretty dumb to release codes at this point because the game isn't even out yet. Check your Target ads this week for an outstanding sale on 1.21 Gigawatt Flux Capacitors!

And thanks to this Gamespot hands on review, it was revealed that G1 Megatron and Shockwave are also unlockable characters in the movie game. However, Shockwave is a triple changing tank/robot/helicopter without a big laser gun mode. I found that a little disappointing. I wonder if any of these other G1 'skins' will amount to just familiar paint jobs on Frankenstein character models like this 'Shockwave' is. In happy news, the review states four of the canon fodder enemies in the game will get toys. I'm guessing they're going to be the Swindle and Dreadwing molds each repainted once for a total of four toys. Four unique molds would be awesome but it hasn't been officially announced if we'll be getting toys of game characters like Payload yet. However, just about every other Transformer that's appeared in the IDW movie comics has gotten a toy and those cannon fodder guys are there, so I'd say chances are good.

Steve and Barry's We'll Pay You to go to Botcon Contest
has ended. Now you gotta wait by the phone or your computer this Saturday the 16th to find out if you won the trip.

I'm saving all my Mountain Dew codes for the Transformer Your Summer Ultimate Transformers Fan trip to Japan prize, which I'll probably not win now that I just told all of you about it and you'll be using your codes against me. Thanks a lot!

Comedy4cast podcast is giving away 2 copies of the 1986 Transformers the Movie DVD. The show is only about five minutes long so it won't kill you to listen to episode 113 for details on how to win. I've never listened to them before but that episode was pretty funny in an OMG ARE THOSE GUYS STONED? kind of way.

I still haven't gotten my poster from those Lunachables bastardos.

Things Wassup About MAGAZINES

The November issue of Hot Rod magazine has an article on the movie where it is revealed that the movie producers used three 1976 Camaros to portray Bumblebee, KIND OF LIKE WHAT I WAS SAYING.

There's also an article about the movie in the premier issue of Otaku USA, which I found on the shelves here at Ellsworth last week. The appeal of OtakuUsa is that I get to pay ten dollars every two months to read written content by podcasters that I usually listen to for free every week. But since I found the Transformers related opinions of Patrick Macias and Matt Alt to be rather scary fanboyish, I won't be buying that magazine again.

Things Wassup About COMICS
IDW's official movie adaptation is being released weekly over four issues. The first issue came out last week and here in Rapid City if you don't get your butt down to the comic store by Friday, you're totally screwed because they sell out fast.

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