Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to make any new DVD player region free (or: I should've bought that vehicle Voltron DVD set from New Zealand)

Long story short:

1) My computer's DVD player (a Philips DVD8631) broke while under warranty last week, so Dell sent me a new one this week (a Philips DVD8801).

2) I read on the internet that DVD players don't come region encoded from the factory-they adopt the region of the first DVD you put into them.

3) After installing the DVD player I put a region 0 disc into it. That is, I put in an all regions disc that plays on any player. (Helloween's High Live DVD-you can find other region free titles on ebay)

4) My computer's DVD player is now all regions. Since monitors don't have NTSC or PAL limitations, I can play DVDs from Japan, the US, the UK and everywhere else. (I've tested it with the region 4 release of Transformers the Movie from Australia and Helloween's "Pumpkin Video" Japanese DVD which is region 2.)

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