Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I need more Megatron Black eyeliner-part 1 of 37

faceWelcome Macrocranians, to a new series where we will be studying the societal implications of this solicitation for a hoodie of robots that you can buy at Hot Topic. You can't buy robots at Hot Topic, just the hoodie with the robots on them. This is what I will be writing about for 37 installments of this very special series.

Part 1 of 37: Hoodie not Goodie

When did we start using the word 'hoodie'? I must not have been jacked into the matrix properly when the online community at large decided that 'hoodie' was a word. Is this even a spoken thing that people say in real life? When was the last time you or anyone you know used this word to describe that specific article of clothing? Just last year I was calling those things 'sweaters with hoods' or just 'sweaters' or even 'jackets'. I suspect propogation of 'werds' like hoodie is the work of marketing executives looking to influence the Generation Y market demographic. I am so sick of these lame ad executives with their pseudo-cool kid speak, taking the gibberish slang that children come up with and distributing it through their advertisements, legitimizing it in the process. Is anyone with me on this or have I been staring at the sky in Antarctica too long?

Google also: Hoodiez.

End of Part 1

Next time: He has a lazy eyeball.


smurfwreck said...

Man, Hot Topic was cool for getting nice autobot and decepticon logo card wondow stickers back in the day, but then I discovered the internet-tube-web-store things and stopped going. They scare me with their hipness.

Rob said...

I wonder about the word "hoodie," too. It's annoying.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I am in total agreement with how scary it is that Hot Topic knows what I think is cool. What I love about their shirts is that they don't bother with brand logos. They just put the images on the clothing and don't spell it out for the uninitiated. It's like if you don't know what this thing is I'm wearing then I'm not gonna tell you. It's genius.

I don't care for attempts to cutesify words by adding '-ie' at the end. It emasculates them as if the users are giggly 13 year old girls. The difference between if I say, "Damn that bitch is hot" and "Damn that bitch is a hottie" is quite pronounced.


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