Sunday, December 17, 2006

Meta Macrocrania

The Antarctica Summer 06-07 set over at Flickr Macrocrania gets updated today with pictures I took when I climbed Observation Hill, which is right next to McMurdo Space Station. There are also nice shots of me goofing off at work and playing with toy robots in Antractica.

For everybody who has been wondering what's up with Wreckerd Special, I'm changing hosts because I've finally outgrown Geocities. (Yeah, I know-welcome to 1999.) There's growing pains, though. Until the DNS propogates I have to use the crappy IP address for the link and that takes forever. That's why it doesn't load fast but it's still the same lame comic about my observering days in Air Force. There are like four new strips, though. If you're waiting for that crap to load let me tell you now-suspense breeds dissapointment.

Speaking of dissapointment, this week's topics on PSMR will include my review of an old Iron Maiden CD boxset, the adventures of Flat Artie, and my rumblings on the time I got a letter printed in the Transformers comic book in 1988. All that plus the usual Toy Robot Ad from 20 Years Ago of the Week. So make sure to erase me from your bookmarks now.

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