Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Transformers ad from 20 years ago of the week-teh Dinobots

From KMart's ad for the week of December 1st through December 7th 1985 comes this Dinobots ad. What I loved about the early days of Transformers ads is that nobody that made them knew which were the popular characters. So we get ads like this for the Dinobots that feature Swoop, Sludge and Snarl instead of that media whore Grimlock, who would dominate Dinobot ads during G2.

I was lucky enough to have a mom that was a bigger fan of TFs than I was. I never really paid attention to what was coming out until 1986. She was keeping track of figure availability starting in 1984. So thanks to her determination she tracked down all five Dinobots for me.

Swoop was the hardest to get. I found out later that Swoop only shipped in the last case assortment of Dinobots which is why he was so rare. Even I as a dorky little 11 year old appreciated his rareness so I vividly remember when I opened him. I was in an airport of all places, possibly El Paso International Airport.

My only other Dinobots memory was when my cousin Paul (who was roughly my age) came over to check them out. I didn't like how rough he was with toys so I didn't let him play with them. He was pissed! But whatever. I still have my Dinobots and Paul killed himself in 1999, SO WHO'S THE WINNER NOW, HUH?!

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