Friday, September 08, 2006

To ebay go the spoils

Possibly my favorite part of the whole post-Cybcon experience is watching the ebay aftermath where people go crazy bidding on unofficial fanmade stuff produced in my garage. This year is no exception. There's an auction for Kranix with the complete Cybcon '06 swag bag (the contents of which are detailed in my report below) and get this-there's also an auction for a BROKEN Kranix currently at $27.99!

Okay now someone explain to me the allure of a broken homemade figure from an unofficial convention again?

Swag bag plus Kranix
http://cgi.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI .dll?ViewItem& item=22002511944 3

http://cgi.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI .dll?ViewItem& item=18002481846 1

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