Monday, August 28, 2006

Letter from a comics fan circa 1990

I found a letter from another TF comics fan that was sent to me when I was a teenager waaay back around 1990. I thought it would be cool to share here as an example of how we used to communicate back in the G1 days. My commentary follows after the contents of the letter:

I don't have the envelope to figure out the date it was sent from the postmark. I'm estimating it was around 1990 because I scribbled some codes to a Turbografx-16 game I was playing at the time on the letter. I never got back to Clint because by 1990 I wasn't into the comics anymore after having given up with issue #75. I figured if he was motivated enough to write me, he probably wrote to a mess of other people and got his answers from them. I didn't feel too guilty about ignoring the guy because I didn't feel I was much of an expert on anything enough to answer his questions. I think it would be fun to send Clint a postcard and answer his questions all these years later. He'd be in his late 20's by now and he probably doesn't live with his parents anymore, but I'm feeling pretty bad about never getting back to the guy.

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