Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bring on teh robot party!

I finally finished making the last 30 little robot party favors for the robot convention. What a relief. I can finally relax a bit. It was a crazy endeavor, a wild ride, a torturous time and I made it through. It's kind of easy now that the work's done to forget all the hard work I had to do.

The robot convention organizers let the cat out of the bag Monday and they publicly informed various online robot people about the figure. I even got in on a few of the online conversations. The feedback has been very positive. It's nice to know that upon first impression so many toy robot fans are happy with the work I've done. Toy robot fans are very difficult to please, I know. Hopefully the robot will get a few more people to go to the show.

I'm going to the show and I know it'll be a good time. Although I've made the figures for the show these past three years, I've never actually been in attendance. I'll be taking a Greyhound bus to Tacoma, Washington next week to join the fun. It'll be the second toy robot show I've been to this summer. Does going to two toy robot conventions make me a robot nerd? Yes, it does. Next month I'll also be attending the biggest toy robot show of them all. Thankfully they make their own robot party favors.

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