Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Your friend and mine Brian Kilby (of the Happy Day in Wilkes County podcast) along with fellow titans of Transformer talking RoboRob Springer and Dusty Griffin held their annual Transformers panel at JoeLanta this past weekend! And to make things worse, they asked me to join in! Yup I was on a panel about Transformers and this time there were actually people in the audience! UNLIKE THAT OTHER TIME BUT I DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT ANYMORE.

Listen in horror as Brian asks me what my favorite new Transformer is and I pick one that doesn't exist because I am dumb about new Transformers (then I pick Wheelie). Marvel in astonishment as Brian asks the audience thought provoking questions like 'What are those Titans Returning from anyway?' and I ask what happens if the big robots ever lose the little robots that turn into their heads. Finally, cringe in flagellation as I use Brian's panel to make unrelated references to Lionel Playworld, GoBots convention licenses, and Pokemon. So TITAN ON and have more fun than being eaten by giant naked people in this ATTACK ON PANEL edition of RFC Extra!

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