Saturday, February 14, 2015

Talking Transformers and Drawing Dragons with Will Simpson

It's time to fire up the GoBackaTron 1985thousand and crack open the 79th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse with none other than Game of Thrones lead storyboard artist Will Simpson! Yes I got super lucky on the first day of Shock Pop Comic Con 2015 in Fort Lauderdale and was able to sit down with Mr. Simpson for a quick ten minute interview that lasted over an hour. We talked about his career as a comics illustrator working at Marvel UK during the early days of the Transformers and also a little about what he's doing now in television and film. How is hunting Dinobots better than eating cheesy wafers? Why are human characters so important in stories about giant robots? What Michelangelo sculpture is a secret macrocranian? Find out all that and more in this LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF DRAGONS episode of the podcastalypse!

Or download it directly

This is my absolute favorite panel from UK issue 41. Mr. Simpson explained the monstrous distortion of Soundwave's features is because the story at that point is being told from Circuit Breaker's point of view. That's his signature in purple in the middle.

A couple more scribblings that mean a lot to me. I got the cover to UK 42 signed and now my Titan trade of Time Wars has Furman's, Wildman's, and Simpson's signatures.

Ultra Magnus will always be the character I think of when I think Marvel UK so I brought the Masterpiece toy along for a picture.

These pages are actually from the IDW Marvel Classics UK Transformers vol 2 trade. Mr. Simpson loved looking through this book and was very impressed with the completeness of the contents and all the bonus materials. Looking through it was like taking a trip back in time for him.

This is an uncredited interior story from 2000AD prog 556 that I didn't know Mr. Simpson did until he cracked it open and told me.


I will need a little time to gather links to as many of the artists and projects referenced during this interview but I promise I will get it done!


Paunch Show Greg said...

Fantastic interview, that guy just took it over and went in some amazing directions!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

He blew me away! Absolutely stunned me with how much he remembered and all the stories he had to tell. I wish I was more up on Game of Thrones so we could have hit on that better.

This is one of my all time favorite experiences where having an interviewee with lots to say, a decent sounding recording, and me not saying much all came together like I wish would happen every time.


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